Seriously i really was unable to come up with any strong plan against sandra, which then left her having the upper hand in our relationship, however she truly deserved it, because i knew she embraced our love affair with a well planned agenda, which she really executed perfectly well, and which equally earned her a whole lot of respect from me, because not only did she beat me in my own game, she equally didn’t leave a space for me to get myself or to execute a counter attack, and with each passing day i found myself drowning more in her pool of traps………

Supposing she was the kind of girl who would sulk and cry whenever i tried to cheat on her, i would have used it against her, but then she really was a girl who would confront any obstacle that came her way without flinching an eye-brow……..

Val really was my brother and someone who knew most of my secrets, and most times when i really was having a hard time with money or with sandra always helped me out considerably, but as the year slowly ended, he equally slowly drifted from me, but i really didn’t complain nor confront him, because i thought it was sandra’s presence that kept him at bay, hence my heartbreak and surprise when he packed out with some of his properties the following year, leaving me very devastated, and betrayed. Oh how i felt in january 2008 can never be well described. Val just left me very bitter and empty mtcheeeeew………

However having no other choice than to manage my sandra and more of her numerous plans which developed with each passing day, i resorted to violence {beating her at any slightest provocation, though she respected me by not fighting back most times} as an easy way out from my ordeal, because i knew all girls do hate violent guys, but still it never did shake her stand, instead she took it as a normal exercise after she tried to stop me and i persisted…….

The rest of my 2007 really was uneventful, cos she gave me no breathing space to engage in any adventure, and she equally never hesistated in introducing herself to my friends, which soon became very embarrassing when we were known everywhere as mr and mrs frank. She even carried that same behaviour to my village, where she spent most of her weekends against my approval, and i equally soon became very popular and known as a young undergraduate whose mother got a wife for, and seriously friends what kind of plan could i have been able to come up with, which could have curtailed sandra’s list of strategies, that was even growing and mainfesting more with each passing day ….

My village youths soon gave me a nickname “nwoke ji nwanyi” (a man with wife} which she loved so much…..

How then could i be able to fish or catch new fishes with such nickname eeh??

Infact It really was very terrible for me, and equally so shameful that she beat me 10 – 0 in the first leg of our affair………

To be continued……
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