My lips quivered as i stared at her, and i really couldn’t bring myself to tell her my true feelings, because i knew it would shatter, destroy and spoil her mind, moreover she wasn’t in a good state to recieve such news that evening……

No matter how bad i behaved or my way of life back then, my heart really wasn’t that cruel or wicked, moreover Sandra really tried for me, which i couldn’t deny, and so to break such news to her really was such a huge task……

“baby you are yet to answer me, please say something” i heard her say again, while i swallowed hard before extending my left hand towards her,
“no i can’t tell her my true feelings today, let it be for another day” i said to myself……..

She looked at my extended hand for a while, before raising up her face and our eyes met,

“baby i’m so sorry for everything, i do still love you, it’s just that sometimes my frustrations and empty pocket do take over my sense of reasoning, making me to behave abnormally” i heard myself say, while she breathed deeply, as joy appeared on her face. She softly grabbed my left hand, and drew closer to me………

With tears in her eyes, she felt my face with her right palm,
“baby my heart almost stopped beating when i waited for your answer, i’m so sorry for everything that happened this evening, how do you want me to compensate you?” she asked quietly, while i smiled,

“let’s go to the bathroom” i answered with a naughty smile,
“hmmm bad boy what’s on your mind?” she asked, as she stood up, while i laughed, stood up and undressed. She equally undressed and followed me to the bathroom, where we had an “energy sapping shower s-x”………..

Oh there is nothing sweeter than having s-x after a major quarrel, but still i knew it was just a matter of days before she would realise the whole truth, and as i watched her sleep peacefully later in the night, i shook my head in pity for her, because she truly was a nice girl with a noble heart, and definetly didn’t deserve such deception………..

However our little fight that evening equally proved to me, that i would need to be very diplomatic when breaking up with her, which then made me fall back to the last plan in my head, which was to start looking for another hostel{accomodation at places} very far from her school, which will then leave her with no other choice, than to move back to her school hostel……..

I knew the plan had lots of flaws and equally very ambitious but then, i really was left with no other choice………..

Oh sandra baby!

To be continued……..
{*the hostel we lived then, was a bit close to her school and equally very close to mine*}

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