Val paid me a surprised visit the following day, after sandra left to make her hair, and we just gazed at each other uncomfortably and in silence for few minutes…….

That particular day equally was his first visit after he packed out from my room,{ we kind of ignored each other, after he left our room unceremoniously earlier in the year}, which then made us very uneasy as we stared at each other………

“are you still angry with me?” i heard him ask, while i forced out a smile,
“hmmm nawa for you oo why should i be angry with you?” i asked back, and he shruggled,
“i’m just asking bro, because you havn’t cared to check up on me” he replied,
“you won’t understand sha” i muttered, while he gave me a searching look,
“hope all is fine?” he asked seriously,
“my brother it’s just sandra oo she dosen’t want to give me breathing space” i replied as i scratched my head, while he burst into laughter,
“you see, when i told you earlier that you will end up marrying her, you didn’t believe me hahahaha” he said with laugher……….

“anyway i came to drag you to my hostel, since you refused to come by yourself” he added, while i looked down in embarrassment,
“so go and prepare because you have a lot to see” he concluded with his usual smile………

I truly had alot to see that fateful day, because i never believed ‘okwu uratta’, the area he moved into, had lots of beautiful sharp female students, whose numbers really were much, and the hostels equally were so cute, well designed and well constructed, which left me shaking my head in wonder
“bro we do have constant power supply here oo, you are really missing alot as a student, by living in works layout” he said happily, while i continued to fed my eyes, as i equally nodded with satisfaction in all i saw…….

“nawao i thought this area used to be as bad as bishop’s court where Emeka and i were ambushed and beaten?” i heard myself ask, and he laughed
“no place is safe bro, here is equally bad, but the pleasures underneath is worth the risk” he replied, while i nodded,
“surely this is the kind of environment i need to move into, moreover it’s equally very far from sandra’s school just like i wanted” i reasoned as we entered his room……..

But my thoughts were soon interrupted, when a beautiful eagle eyed, sharp looking damsel, entered val’s room, and he smiled happily as she sat on his laps,
“frank meet my new friend and neighbour Nma,” he introduced, while she greeted me with a smile,
“baby meet my brother frank” he also said to her……..

As i stared at her with my experienced eyes, i noticed what val failed to see, which was that his new female friend really was nothing but a runz girl. Only her dressing, behaviour and the way she looked at me said it all………

“oh no val is about to fall victim of ‘love scam’, i surely need to intervene before this hunter shoots my brother” i concluded in my mind……

Can you guess the intervention strategy frank had in mind?? Hehehehehe

story continues on Easter Monday…..

To be continued……

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