After that day i began visiting val almost everyday, as i equally searched for a hostel{accomodation} in that same vicinity…..

My constant visits to his room also drew me closer to Nma, who i really couldn’t deny was very sex.y, ripe and tempting, her body equally was so succulent with well shaped hips, that my joystick always rose in salutation each time i gaze at her……..

Oh i needed nobody to tell me that she really was too much for my young brother to handle. The devil entered me once again, and took control of my body,
“going after this girl, sure will be the only way to break the bond she have with Val” i reasoned evily,
“it worked on pamela, so it will also work on Nma” i concluded……..

We soon began making ‘eye contacts’, and as a perfect flirt she was, she began responding well in no time, but i really had no chance to speak privately with her in Val’s room, so i had to trace and locate her in school, days later after i had cunningly asked val the name of her department………

“what’s even your problem” she asked me with a smile, on that fateful wednesday afternoon, when we met in front of her department,
“baby i have lots of problem, but lets go somewhere a bit calm and see whether we can solve some” i replied, while she looked curiously at me,
“somewhere calm like?” she asked,
“like a quiet fast food, i know you are hungry” i answered and her eyes glittered,
“okay no problem” she replied with a smile…….

Seriously my intervention strategy really was to make a pass at her, and if lucky have sex with her, before breaking the news to val if he failed to find out on his own. My decision then was very childish and made out of jealousy, because i really had no right to decide which girl was good enough for him, but truly Nma really was irresistable, and i equally knew Val was yet to have sex with her, because he really lacked the moral and the will power to do it with such girl, whom i knew was all out to ‘milk him dry’……..

“hope you know i’m with your brother?” she asked with a smile as we eat fried rice, in a small fastfood at Ikenegbu, while i winked at her,
“yes i know, but i equally do know that there is nothing serious between you two” i answered. She looked at me in surprise and with a coloured face,
“how much do you know?” she asked,
“i know everything” i replied with a knowing smile, while she stared at me,
“don’t look at me that way, val told me everything himself, and i really don’t know what a beautiful girl like you is doing with a small boy who barely knows anything” i added……

“just listen to yourself, hope you know what you are doing, or did he send you to play with my head?” she asked suspiciously,
“i know you are a good judge of character, so i will leave that question for you to answer, moreover does he look like someone who will send me on such errand?” i asked while she looked down,

“i have a whole lot to offer you besides my love, and i promise you won’t regret it, Val is just a boy to me, i have double of what he has, i’m not asking you to break your friendship with him, but i guess you already knew what i have in mind, so think things through” i said as i collected her handset, and saved my phone number in it……

She really didn’t say anything as a good runz girl she was, but then i equally knew my speech registered very well in her head, which made me lick my lips as i immediately began to plan for my next line of action……….


To be continued……
{IMSU dosen’t have school hostels, every student lives outside the school compound}
12:00PM GMT,…

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