supposing sandra wasn’t still living with me that period, i would have made instant plans on inviting Nma to my lodge, but then i was very unfortunate to still have her in my room, which really was why i badly wanted her out of the way by all means, because she really was denying me many pleasures………

Nma and i parted later that afternoon, without her making any promises or ‘saying yes’ to my proposal, but then i really needed no answer from her, because her calm and quiet nature said it all, which really gladened my heart. It was soon nightfall and i spent it thinking and dreaming of how sweet her honey pot would taste, as i equally planned on the next strategy to use on her, while sandra lay by my side and slept like a baby…….

I entered school very late the following day which was thursday, and as i was rushing to my department, i ran into Beauty in front of “CD BLOCK”……

“frank!!” she screamed excitedly, as we hugged happily,
“wow you are still looking more beautiful than ever” i said to her, while she laughed,
“you are equally looking cute, no wonder you forgot all about me” she muttered……..

It really has been long we last saw each other, and i equally was very delighted to see her again, even though seeing her made me remember my life as a predegree student and her stupid boyfriend whom she replaced me with………

“so sorry dear i really lost your phone number months back, and i also can’t just come to your hostel, because i may meet that your arrogant boyfriend and cause problem for you all over again” i explained, while she shruggled and stared at me sadly…….

“we have broken up, and i also have moved into another hostel{lodge}” she replied, while my eyes shone hopefully. I held her right hand softly and smiled sweetly at her,

“i really do not know why good girls like you, end up with bad boys like us, i always do feel touched whenever something bad happens to you, why didn’t you call to inform me about this earlier or did you delete my phone number, when you two were still together?” i asked curiously, while she shruggled,
“what would you have done kwanu?” she asked back. I breathed deeply…….

“i really have a score to settle with him, it would have boasted my morale, supposing you told me about the break up earlier” i answered,
“abeg let’s forget about him jor” she replied with a smile.

“baby we really have a lot to discuss, i truly missed you” i changed the topic and winked at her,
“for your mind abegi, leave me alone jor” she said with laughter,
“i’m very serious, please lets hang somewhere and discuss for a while” i pleaded, but she just shook her head,
“you know i don’t like hanging in school, moreover don’t you have lectures this morning?” she asked,
“they can’t wait jor, my Beauty is more important to me” i replied with a smile,
“hmmm your beauty kwa? So you never still change, anyway i’m going to my lodge sha” she said with a deep smile,
“then lets go there nah” i replied, as i turned, and with laughter we walked with linked fingers to her hostel{lodge}, because i saw the opportunity of winning her back, right in my presence again………..

And so happy i was, to find myself working my way back into Beauty’s heart, even though i knew my feelings for her wasn’t strong as it used to be, because i really couldn’t stop seeing the image of the boy she left me for, each time i stared at her……

To be continued……
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