“please lets just be friends” she pleaded, while i stared at her for a while before shruggling,
“if that is what you want, there is no problem” i replied. She smiled happily and hugged me,
“thanks alot, so i hope you will end your ambition of fighting to win back my love?” she asked,

“i accepted to be your friend, because it will keep us close to each other, but my ambition of winning your heart back still remains inside me, but i promise never to kiss or take you by surprise again” i replied……..

She broke free from me and stared into my eyes for a while before smiling again,
“it’s better that way, and thanks for being honest” she said to me. I managed to spend few more boring minutes with her, before finally returning to my lodge{hostel} where sandra already was waiting for me……..

“who is the dark slim girl you left school with this morning?” she asked furiously, while i stared at her in surprise, because i really couldn’t believe she asked that question,
“how did she get to know about beauty?” i wondered, because she left for her own school earlier before i even prepared for mine that particular day, “or was she watching me somewhere?” i reasoned, “no no she can’t do that, i think one of her friends saw me” i concluded, while my heart froze momentarily, as i remembered “heavy mama” a heavily built robust female neighbour whom, beauty and i ran into, as she was coming out from a lodge{hostel} near beauty’s own, with her entourage of friends………

‘d--n’ i cursed, while sandra came forward and smelt my shirt,
“see your life guilty conscience, so you now do girls at their hostels, you no dey shame” she said angrily, while i swallowed hard as i stared at her……….

“the girl you are talking about, isn’t my girlfriend but a girl i have known since my pre degree days, we are just friends, you can ask Emeka if you doubt me” i replied, before walking towards my bed where i sat down with a tired look……..

“okay let me have her phone number” she said as she sat beside me, while i stared at her in surprise,
“there is no way i’m giving you her phone number” i replied with a drawn face. Her eyes furiously burned as she stared at me,
“okay then i will do it my own way, and you won’t like what you will see me do” she said angrily, before leaving my room furiously…….

I equally left my room, and barged into heavy mama’s room, in anger without thinking things through, while ‘Heavy mama’ and her two friends whom she was with that moment, stared at me in surprise…….

“frank what is wrong with you” she asked angrily, as she stood up and advanced towards me, while i stared at her as i weighed and calculated my next move, because she really was a very tall huge lady, in her late twienties that period……..

To be continued…….
“betrayal” has been updated…. New episodes will be posted ‘after work hours’ 17:00GMT…..

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