“why did you go there to cause trouble eeh?” sandra asked calmly, while i stared at her with hatred and anger,
“don’t even talk to me, because you are leaving my room this moment, i’m tired of living with you, so better start packing” i shouted at her. She froze as she stared at me, with disbelief which was written all over her face……

“frank are you serious?” she managed to ask,
“am i carrying water in my mouth eeh?” i answered bitterly. She bit her lips and stared at me unhappily as tears quickily formed in her eyes,
“why are you doing this to me?” she asked…….

“you already know that i’m cheating on you, moreover i don’t love you anymore, so better leave my room and let me be” i poured out to her, while she breathed heavily and sat on my bed,
“where do you want me to go?” i soon heard her ask…….

“you have been managing very well before i met you, so go and continue from where you stopped” i shouted,
“bring down your voice nah, why are you doing this to me eeh?, you are now throwing me out of your room because i asked you about a girl, frank this is not fair oo” she calmly said to me, while i scratched my head,

“i have heard you, so start packing up your things” i seriously shouted again, and tears poured down from her eyes as she cried deeply like a wounded girl. Her tears really was strong enough to shake even a hardened criminal, but i maintained my stand, and stared at her without pity…….

“you know what?? I’m not going anywhere, nor packing out from this room, better do your worst, and send my body back to my people when you are through” she challenged me with tears in her eyes. I quickly walked to my wardrope, opened it and dragged out her travelling bag……..

But she quickly rushed and grabbed the bag, before i could do anything else with it, while i landed an elbow on her jaw, which sent her flying backwards. However she quickly recovered herself, and advanced towards me again, but this time around i was very much prepared for her diving move, with a well prepared ‘choke hold’ i had in mind that moment, luckily she didn’t dive on me, but instead advanced and held my trouser……….

“nothing would make me leave this room, unless you kill me” she protested as she breathed heavily, while i stared at her with disgust. But before i could do any other thing on her, someone knocked on my door…….

At first i ignored the knock because i thought it was a concerned neighbour knocking, but when it became persistant, i was forced to open my door and face who ever it was, but there stood Val on my door-way with a smile on his face…….

“what is happening here?” he asked as he entered, while sandra rushed up and hugged him…….

To be continued…….

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