“what is happening here dear, i heard shouts coming out from this room when i was knocking?” he asked sandra, who just tighly embraced him, as if he was her father……

“frank is about to throw me out from his room” she complained bitterly, while Val gasped and stared at me in surprise, but i instantly backed them and looked the other way…….

“frank is it true?” i heard him ask, but i ignored him and kept quiet,
“what caused the fight?” he asked her,
“he got annoyed because i confronted him over a girl he was with this morning” she explained……..

“frank nawa for you oo why you dey behave this way nah?” val asked as he came towards me, while i sighed and kept quiet,
“guy answer me nah?” he pleaded…….

“don’t mind him, he won’t tell you how he spent the whole of today with a dark slim girl. he only knows how to claim right in everything he does” i heard sandra say to him, while i looked up at val and pleaded to him with my eyes, the way we usually signalled to each other when we silently needed help…….

“wait a minute, you said the girl is dark and slim right?” i heard him ask sandra who nodded,
“is she short or average sized?” he also asked, while she kept quiet for a while before replying,
“yea she is average in height and lives close to Imsu front gate, according to the description my friend gave me” she replied…….

“i think i know the girl, her name is Beauty” i heard val say, which made me stare at him in surprise, because i really couldn’t believe he still remembered the story i told him about Beauty, when i was still coaching him, but then i equally was more surprised on how he was able to link the description to Beauty……

However sandra’s eyes beemed hopefully when she heard him say those words,
“he became very aggressive when i demanded for her phone number, was i not right in asking for it?” she confidently asked val, whom she saw was on her side to my dismay,
“A daniel has come to judgement” i muttered to myself, as i stared at val hopelessly……..

“my friend why didn’t you give her the phone number she asked for nah, since you can’t even explain to your girl who Beauty is to you?” he asked, while i kept quiet and cursed him in my mind,
“don’t worry val, i will repay you tenfold” i said in my mind……

“anyway i have Beauty’s phone number don’t mind him, you know sometimes he behaves arrogantly” he said to sandra, who smiled and nodded happily,

“Beauty was his coursemate when he did pre degree” i heard him explain, while she nodded,
“yea i know about that” she replied,

“actually i’m the cause of the problem between you and him this afternoon, because i really was the person who sent him to go speak with beauty and plead on my behalf, since they are friends, and that is actually why i came here, in order to hear her reply from him. Can you imagine i have been after this girl since december last year, yet she is still tossing me around, you know i wasn’t successful with the sales girl i was earlier interested in, because her madam sent her home” he explained calmly and innocently to her, while i heaved a sigh of relief, as i grateful stared at him,

“d--n you bad a-s criminal” i cursed him happily, and all sandra did, was just to open her mouth in shock, when she heard his long explanation……..

She then came forward and knelt beside me,
“frank i’m so sorry for doubting you” she apologized humbly, but before i could say anything to her, val came and dragged her up,
“don’t apologize to him, you did the right thing by confronting him, he should be the one to apologize, for attempting to throw you out instead of explaining things to you, frank oya come and apologize quick” he ordered, while i smiled as i cursed him again in my mind…….

To be continued…….

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