“frank wetin dey do you? apologize to her nah” val urged me, while i smiled and held sandra, whose eyes beemed happily as soon as i touched her. I drew her to myself, and carried her on my laps while she blushed and looked down,
“val e don do, leave me and my baby alone, we know how to settle” i joked. He shruggled and laughed…….

We later ate the garri sandra prepared for us, before he stood up to leave moments later,
“you know we are yet to discuss on the subject that brought you here?” i asked him, while he nodded and looked at his watch,

“i want to rush to the bank before they close, come and see me off, we will discuss on the way” he replied as he threw a casual look at sandra, who pretended as if she wasn’t listening to our conversation……..

“guy you too much oo, can you imagine that my heart froze for few minutes, when i thought you wanted to give me up” i said to him when we were outside, and he bursted into laughter,

“i had to support and be by her side, so that she could believe the cover up story i would eventually sell, moreover i just guessed it was Beauty with how she described the girl, because i know you don’t go after slim girls that much” he replied,
“yea that was very smart of you” i said to him with a smile,
” so you see, I learned some things on my own” he added as he hit my shoulder……

“but another thing that brought me here, was that Stella called me this morning, and was complaining that you have abandoned her, she even said she might visit any day without informing you” he seriously said to me while i bit my lips,

“she dey craze well, i do call her often oo, even though it isn’t everyday, must i even be calling her everyday eeh?? Let her come if she wants, i don’t care anymore, only sandra’s face will chase her away” i lamented, while val smiled,
“easy bro, remember you thought me to always first calm down, think things properly before facing any situation, so you just have to do that and fix your problem, which i know you will fix” he advised…….

I made sweet love to sandra most part of that thursday night, which really calmed all the tensions within us, and the following morning we both woke up happily, even though i still was nursing the agenda of making her return to her school hostel. {her school has school hostels located inside the school premises, unlike imsu which has none}…….

When she left for school the following morning, i quickily prepared for mine, before calling stella on phone four times, which she didn’t answer. I cursed her as i dialed val’s phone number, which he answered before it even beeped in my ear,

“where you dey?” i asked,
“i dey school already, you don show?” he asked me,
“i dey on my way, i go call you when i reach” i replied before ending the phone call and dialling Nma’s phone number, which rang twice but she didn’t answer……

I was about dropping my phone into my pocket, when it rang. I quickly looked at the screen, and smiled happily, when i saw Nma’s name. I instantly accepted the phone call with joy………

But then i was thrown into a big shock as i gasped while my heart leaped, when i heard val’s voice over the phone…….

“nawa for you oo frank” was the exact and only words he said to me, before ending the phone call………..

To be continued…….
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