we did one more round in the bathroom as we cleaned up, and it really was so wonderful, sweet and energy sapping. Truly Sandra’s body really was made for sex, and that equally was the major reason i found it hard to get rid of her, even though i badly wanted to be free. She truly wasn’t like most girls who used their assets as a bargaining tool, nor girls who do write sex time table or ration sex for their boyfriends, after they must have begged and cried for it……..

“baby i love you so much” she whispered into my ear as we lay naked and exhausted on my bed, after our bath,
“me too” i replied with a smile, as i breathed heavily…….

“i will be travelling home tomorrow, mum sent for me” she explained,
“my mum or yours?” i asked,
“mine” she replied with a smile,
“hope all is well?” i asked,
“yea i think so but i will return on sunday” she replied, as she climbed and lay on me. Just that moment my phone rang and she immediately grabbed it, accepted the call and switched it on ‘loud speaker mode’………

“hello, hello, hellooo” i heard stella’s voice over the phone, while i froze as i stared at sandra angrily, because i had warned her countless times never to answer my phone calls, even though i equally was very grateful that she kept quiet, after she accepted the call…….

“who is that girl?” she asked {immediately Stella ended the call, when she got no response}, while i kept quiet and said nothing, because sometimes, silence is the best form of defence especially when caught red handed. It gives you time to think properly……..

But my phone rang the second time, and this time she only stared at the screen silently, while my heart jumped, because i knew she was trying to memorize the phone number, which really was the technique she learned, after discovering that i hardly stored girls phone numbers in my handset because of her…….

I however tried to snatch my phone from her, but she resisted, stood up and entered the toilet with it, while i sighed, covered blanket over my naked body and immediately slept off…….

I really had the mind to sleep that night, because i knew there was nothing else for me to do, other than to wait for her reaction the following morning. Moreover i knew there really wasn’t anything she could do, other than to call stella on her own time and probably introduce herself to her, which i cared not, because i really was beyond caring that moment, besides i had other important things to bother about and so i snored away…….

I woke up the following morning, to see her already dressed up and ready to travel home,
“i have warmed the soup, and boiled yam for you, do take care of yourself and continue to spoil my heart with your behaviour, it’s well” she said to me, carried her hand bag and left with tears in her eyes…….

To be continued………
“DONIGSPAIN” takes over, shortly……

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