I got up from my bed immediately sandra left, brushed my teeth, took my bath, cleaned up my room, washed my clothes, before relaxing with a plate of yam and oil as i dialed Stella’s phone number. As usual she didn’t answer my phone call and after three attempts, i stopped and dialed Beauty’s phone number……

“good morning” she greeted as soon as she picked my phone call,
“how was your night?” i asked,
“fine oo and yours?” she replied and asked,
“boring” i answered,
“heiyaaa sorry” she said calmly,
“you know you are owing me a visit, at least to know where i’m currently living?” i asked,
“yea but” she tried to give an excuse, but i immediately continued,
“you can come with your roomate, and please don’t disappoint me please” i added and pleaded,
“do you know whether i have an appointment today eeh? Moreover how do i come to a place i havn’t been to before?” she asked,
“once you get to imsu junction just call me, i will then come and pick you up, Thanks alot i won’t forget this” i said and ended the phone call without allowing her to give another excuse………

I really was very excited as i waited for her that afternoon, because Beauty really wasn’t just an ordinary girl to me, maybe because i was yet to taste her honeypot, moreover it equally had been long a girl last visited me in my room, because of Sandra’s presence……..

Exactly 1:15pm, Beauty flashed my phone,
“we are at Imsu junction, come and get us” she said when i returned the call,
“just cross the road and start coming towards works layout, i will meet you on the way” i replied, and immediately left my room……..

She came with her roomate, a very lovely fair girl who equally looked like a goddess, but i really didn’t have any silly thoughts about her, because i knew it would be a futile and stupid thing to do……

I treated them very fine, with malt, snacks, movies i rented for them, and african salad i later bought in the evening. we really had a great time joking, gisting and laughing till 6:00pm in the evening, when they finally got up to leave……

“thanks alot for coming, i really didn’t know how today would have been for me supposing you guys didn’t visit” i said sincerely as i held her hand, while i equally nodded at Anna who smiled,

“i also enjoyed your company, but try and get a roomate so that you won’t be bored most times” she advised,
“its true dear but i prefer living alone, because of distractions” i replied, while she shruggled.

“i will come over to your lodge and eat rice tomorrow, then we may stroll out after that” i said to her sweetly. Her eyes melted, as she stared at me briefly, before throwing a look at her friend, who calmly nodded to her in a feminine manner……

“okay i will be waiting” she said with a smile, and i hugged her happily,
“thanks alot dear” i whispered into her ear. we finally left my room together with linked fingers, while her friend walked beside us as i saw them off…….

The sparkle in her eyes clearly showed me she really was very impressed, and thus i began my second journey for her heart and honey pot…..

To be continued…..

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