“I’m in a friend’s room, I’m coming” i replied,
“okay, but don’t keep me waiting for long” she said to me, before ending the phone call……

I smiled at Beauty who returned my smile, stood up, went to the other end of the room and sat on a small plastic stool, beside her reading table, before facing me again……

I really didn’t know what to say to her, because i had expected her to ask ‘who the caller was’, which would have given me the enabled opportunity to sell my already prepared lies to her. But she really was smarter than that, and so i swallowed hard as we stared at each other……

“why did you leave the bed?” i heard myself ask with a smile,
“because i want to give my body a little rest” she replied,
“nne i can’t wait to have you back in my life?” i said sweetly to her.

“i really do not understand the meaning of what you just said” i heard her confess, while i threw her a surprised look,
“does having me back into your life, mean having sex with me?, because i think we returned into each others life from the moment we met in school days ago, so please explain to me what you mean??” she seriously asked……..

I really wasn’t expecting such question from her, but it equally didn’t surprise me that much, because she really do possess the intelligence and brain to reason logically in everything. I sat up, drew close to her, and squatted by her side,
“baby all i want is your heart” i said with a smile, and truly i said those words because i didn’t know what else to say to her, but just that moment my phone rang again and i cursed within my breath……..

It was Sandra again, and my eyes furiously burned as i answered my phone,
“what’s still keeping you nah?? Caleb is also here waiting for you?” i heard her say,
“okay tell him i’m coming” i replied and ended the phone call,

“frank frank!” i heard Beauty hail my name, which made me stare at her in surprise, confusion, and with a fast beating heart…….

“what is it dear?” i asked,
“nothing” she replied,

“someone is waiting for me, i have to get going” i explained with a smile, but all she did was just to shrug,
“take care dear” i said sweetly as i pecked her…….

“greet them for me, especially your receptionist” she finally joked with a heavy sarcasm, while i smiled and left………

To be continued……

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