I was soon in my room where I pecked and hugged Sandra with a smile, in a bid to cover up myself.

“So glad you are back baby, how are people at home?” I asked.

“They are all fine” she simply replied as she examined me with her eyes, but she kept her feelings to herself because Caleb was also in my room that moment.

“O boy! Longest time!” I exclaimed as I shook hands with him.

“My guy you are still looking sharp ooo” he equally exclaimed.

“You just disappeared like a ghost nah, your phone number equally hasn’t been going through since last year, after the problem you had with school authorities” I said to him while he shrugged.

“My brother it’s a very long story ooo” he replied and looked down sadly.

“Guy I’m all ears nack your tori abeg” I pleaded and shook my legs excitedly.

“You know I was suspended in school after the senate hearing because of my involvement in cultism. My dad later came the following day” he said while I nodded.

“Yea you told me you were expecting him, when we were together that fateful day” I replied.

“Well he actually came, dragged me home, humiliated me in front of my younger ones, seized my phone, made me his driver, messenger and assistant, made me toil and hustle for money. In fact he just took me like a slave and not his son when he took me home that period.

Brother I laboured and toiled through out the rest of last year at home without even a nokia 3310 to communicate with my friends and when a new academic session began, he had to run around to get a new department for me where I have no choice but to start all over again. My brother things isn’t easy for me any longer and the worst of it all is that I’m still in 100 level studying chemistry”. He explained to me while I shook my head sorrowfully as I imagined all he went through in my head.

“Na wa o! All these punishment just for being identified as a cultist” I muttered to myself.

“Anyway there is hope since you are alive with a second chance” i assured him with a smile.

“Bro it’s not that easy oo, the surviving members of my group still want me back and I have no choice but to play along” he added bitterly.

“So you mean you are back into the game?” I asked with wide open eyes.

“I have no choice brother. Once you are in the game, you will always be in it” he replied, while I breathed deeply.

Seeing him that moment really gladdened my heart, even though he was very pale, thin and hungry looking. I knew that was the condition his rich and influential parents subjected him to because he already had lost their trust and we all know what happens to a student whose parents no longer trust. He really will need a bishop to plead on his behalf whenever he goes broke.

Sandra soon served us a plate of well sliced pineapple and pawpaw.

“Please you guys should manage these” she said sweetly, while Caleb and I stared at her gratefully.

“She is very nice and caring, make sure you don’t lose her” I heard Caleb advice with a smile.

To be continued….

New episodes of “betrayal” will be posted tomorrow 12:00GMT

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