“guy where do you now stay” i asked Caleb as we ate the fruits Sandra served us,
“i got a new lodge at Aladinma” he answered,
“i have been in that area a couple of times and the lodges built there are really beautiful” i said with a smile,
“my brother they are also very expensive oo, imagine paying from 80 to 120k just for a single self contained room” he added, while I shrugged,
“our SUG dey f.uck up nah, so it’s for the landlords to dey do any how ” i replied…….

Caleb finally got up to leave around 7:30pm later that evening, and together we walked down the street where we waited for a bike.

“guy i’m looking for a new lodge, i’m tired of living in this present one” i opened up to him, while he stared at me curiously,
“nawao but i do like this your lodge nah, it’s very peaceful and calm” he replied,
“bro you won’t understand, anyway incase you see a vacant one in your area do let me know” i said to him,
“there are lots of vacant lodges and rooms in my area nah, it’s just the price that may pursue you” he answered with a smile,
“abegi money isn’t my problem, i really need to change environment” i said desperately,
“ok nah, when you are free tomorrow just notify me, so that we can check out some” he said before stopping a bike………

I later returned to my room to see sandra lying down quietly on my bed. I immediately drew close and lay beside her with a smile, but she instantly sat up sadly, and looked the other way,
“what is it dear?” i asked with concern, as i equally sat up and faced her, but she just kept quiet and said nothing to me,
“what is it dear?” i asked her again…….

“what did i do to you frank?” i heard her ask after a while,
“you didn’t nothing to me dear” i replied, even though i equally was very surprised with my sudden show of concern, which i guess i showed because i was feeling guilty……

“where were you when i returned?” she asked and looked up at me, while i instantly swallowed hard as i prepared to open my mouth for another lie,
“please don’t tell me you were with Val, because i already know you weren’t with him” she added, which made me gasp a little as i wondered whether she saw him on her way back……

“why must you bring up Val’s name eeh? Is he the only friend i have??” i asked with an angry tone, as my gentle mood suddenly disappeared, but she just looked into my eyes and shook her head.

“i left here in tears and i’m now back to continue from where i stopped, it’s not fair, please before you say anything just take off your shirt, and smell it” she said to me, while i stared at her in surprise for a while, before removing my shirt which i instantly smelt, and i gasped when i percieved Beauty’s scent{perfume} on it. I smelt my shirt again and again in order to be sure of myself, But the damned scent was all over it…….

“and he even was foolish enough to hug me with it” i heard her say unhappily………

To be continued……
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