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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 167


I immediately halted and stared at her with mixed feelings,
“so you have learnt how to carry weapon for me eeh?” i asked furiously,
“you pushed me to it, and just pray i do not catch any of those your silly girlfriends, because if i do, i will skin them alive” she threatened,
“tomorrow morning, just find your way out, i’m no longer in love with you nor interested in this relationship again” i barked at her, turned and climbed on my bed……..

“coward i thought you wanted to fight me, i won’t leave your room and you won’t do anything” i heard her say with a choked voice, and before i knew what was happening, she began to cry……..

I really didn’t sleep soundly that night, because i kept my eyes open incase she planned a new surprise for me, moreover i knew a girl like her could do anything when pushed to her limit. However nothing happened that night, and i dressed up early the next morning and headed to school, without saying any word to her………..

Two hours later i met Caleb in his new department after a very boring and tiring search. He immediately took me to his lodge, where we stayed for some minutes, before going out in search of a new accomodation. Seriously i really couldn’t wait to pack into another lodge……

We spent hours moving from one lodge to another, till we got to a newly built one, close to ‘friendship hostel’. I instantly fell in love with the place. We met the caretaker moments later, and paid two thousand naira for a form which i immediately filled……

I returned to my room later in the evening, with a happy smile on my face, while sandra just stared at me unhappily. I knew she was anxiously waiting either for me to throw out her properties or apologize to her, but i just ignored her………

My thoughts however soon kept me company as i planned on how to raise ninety thousand naira for the new lodge……

“are we going to continue living like this frank, it is not fair” i soon heard her say, but i still ignored her and kept quiet,
“i have retrieved your line, here is your new simcard, i’m very sorry for breaking the old one, but at least you have seen how it pained me when you did the same to me” she softly said. I still ignored her………

I have packed all my things into my travelling bag, i’ll leave your room for you tomorrow morning, since you don’t want me around anymore” she added, while my eyes instantly lit up for a while before slowly dying down,
“so where will you go?” i asked suspiciously,

“to your village to pay mum a visit” she replied……

To be continued……
‘BETRAYAL’ comes up shortly…..

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9 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 167

  • timsilver

    safe journey! I will even give her-t fare!


    Finally but hope it ain’t Frank’s mom she’s going to see?

  • Zinny-zara

    definitely…..she is going to c ur mum

  • tutusaint

    she has lost the battle

  • timsezeh

    Hope she’s not carrying ur baby?

  • Ijebaby

    Her last card is to report you to your mom who will try to reconcile you both. I wonder what Frank did…

  • Sumblee

    Great job! Pls i would like to continue from where i stoped on N-------d ( U & Emeka campus story) plssssssssss!

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