Episode 17

“i’m in owerri, please call me later” she replied the male caller, who said something i was unable to decipher, but surprisinly she immediately ended the phone-call and switched off her phone, while i just stared at her angrily as my blood pressure rose…….

“he is just a friend” she said to me with a smile,
“what is his name, where is he from?” i asked her calmly even though i was annoyed, but she just smiled as if my question was irrelevant,
“please lets not talk about it” she replied……

“let me see your phone?” i said to her,
“no what do you want to see?” she replied
“let me have your phone?” i said again
“it’s my privacy” she answered….

There was brief silence between us as i tried very much to hold myself, but then i couldn’t, cos my anger has gotten to a dangerous level that moment.. She equally noticed my mood and tried to get up from my body in order to drop her phone inside her bag, but i held her by the waist, drew her back on my laps and reached for the phone, but surprisinly, she held her phone very strongly and struggled with me, which made me to give her a resounding slap, which neutralized all her powers, as she dropped from my body and landed on the bed…….

“i made a big mistake by coming here” she said as she cried, while i took her phone, opened her inbox and my eyes nearly went blind, when it saw the messages in it…..

Love text messages, friendship and love quotes from numerous guys, and i almost went mad when i saw she was equally replying some……

However no matter how sophisticated she looked that day, she still was very inexperienced, cos most girls do not leave such incriminating evidence on their phones especially when visiting a guy, and that is really why 80% of girls do have little or no text messages in their mobile phones and for me that is equally the first sign of cheating, but i may however give her some ‘reasonable doubt’ if i do see some of my messages in her semi empty inbox…..

“i’m going” she angrily said to me as she stood up, with tears in her eyes, while i said nothing and just watched her,
“you can eat my phone” she angrily said, while i drew her back by holding her right hand……

“i’m sorry for slapping you” i held my pride at bay and apologised, but she simply looked at me, up and down, shook her head, and tried to walk away……

“safe your apologies to the birds, it’s over, if there is even anything between us” she angrily said, while my anger returned as well, cos i had humbled myself and apologised to her but it seemed like she wanted me to equally kneel for her, which really was unacceptable….

“even though sometimes we do break our code of conduct in extreme cases, ngozi’s matter wasn’t that extreme to me cos she was just a young girl whose head might have gotten swollen due to excess flattery from guys and believe me, that really do swell girls head”…….

“you can go, bye” i finally said to her as i withdrew my grasp, while she walked to the door opened it and looked back at me,
“are you giving me my phone or not? ” she asked, while i forced a smile….

“I like your phone, so i’m keeping it for good, bye-bye greet your mum for me” i said to her without feelings while tears fell from her eyes instantly and she began to cry once again……

“why the cry nah?” i asked myself as i smiled, cos i knew she has finally surrendered…..

“Do not be a weakling when dealing with a girl, it won’t make her to leave you, unless she really doesn’t feel anything for you”….. The players diary…..

To be continued…….
Our life of crime story & ‘oh my desmond’ will be updated later today….

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