Episode 18

“please give me my phone” she pleaded as tears fell from her eyes, while i just ignored her….

“this your behaviour is very bad, and childish, which girl do you think will love you with this your behaviour, please did i do wrong in visiting you today? Give me my phone it’s getting late” she said as she cried……..

“you are just wasting your time, and as long as you refuse to answer my question, i will keep on holding your phone” i replied her with a smile…..

“you are just pushing me further away from you, with this your behaviour, and now i very much know that you are heartless and annoying, anyway his name is Dave and he lives in Portharcourt, so please give me my phone let me leave this useless place” she said to me, while i got up and approached her……

“so you see baby, there is nothing hard in telling me who he is, i’m only being protective, cos i care alot about you, and my jealousy is due to the great love i have for you” i calmly explained as i returned the phone, and hugged her, while she struggled to free herself……

“i hate you for making me cry, so just leave me alone please” she said, while i lifted her up, inorder for her not to break free from me, and as i carried her towards the bed, our room-door swung open, cos i forgot to lock it again after ngozi had opened it earlier, and so there stood chinyere, mouth open, dressed in her school clothes and in shock as she gasped at us…….

“no not again” she screamed, while i gently brought Ngozi down,
“imagine how i believed all your lies yesterday” she said angrily, as she eyed Ngozi and this time around, she refused to leave the room, while Ngozi looked at her with a funny smile and a look of disdain on her face……

“so even here in owerri you still do secondary school girls” Ngozi asked me as she laughed haughtily, while i bit my lips in silence and shame,
“Nne he is not my boyfriend, you can have his sorry self i don’t care” she said to chinyere, who just watched her in silence, cos she knew not what to say to her…..

My mind told me to prevent Ngozi from leaving my room that moment, but my strength failed me, while chinyere’s gaze also weakened me, and i did nothing but just stand in silence, while the unfortunate event played out……

Ngozi eyed me one last time before leaving my room that afternoon, while i swallowed hard as i felt a deep pain on my chest, cos i knew i had finally lost her, without a parting s-x nor kiss…….

“Chei!!” I finally exclaimed, while chinyere came forward and landed a dirty slap on my face……

My eyes burned furiously, while i breathed heavily as i gasped at her angrily…..

Which made her to draw back in fear when she saw my changed mood….

To be continued…..

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