Episode 19

she drew back cautiously when she saw the danger in my eyes that afternoon, and without another word fled my room without looking back…..

I just lazily watched her as she departed, without going after her, but then, the truth was that My behaviour had cost me two girls at the same time, which really pained me, but i took my defeat gently like a sportsman…….

Monday soon arrived, the first working day of the week and equally the most busiest day in school…..
I attended lectures for the first time in two weeks that day, where i ended up at the back pew{class bench} with Emeka….

We really spent that day, examining, admiring and chatting with girls, where Emeka was the keymaster cos he had already made friends with many of them, and that day was equally the first time i saw Beauty……

She is a very beautiful, small sized dark girl, whose curves were one in a million, and when she met met my gaze that monday afternoon, my heart jumped and my soul rejoiced, while i smiled at her and she looked away……

I summoned up courage and approached her, without even telling Emeka who was very busy with a girl he was chatting with….

I sat down beside her, and admired her hair, with a smile saying no words, while she just gave me a single glance before looking away. My heart pounded furiously as i desperately tried to form some words, but surprisinly i couldn’t and it looked as if i had lost my head……

“my name isssss frannkk” i finally said with a shaking lips, and like a teenage boy in his first date, while she said nothing as she played with her phone,
“i haven’t done this before, but then i couldn’t resist your charm which drew me here, and now i’m speechless and clueless on what next to say, other than, ‘hi i like you'” i muttered like a male virgin, which made her to glance at me again, while a smile appeared on her face…..

“i’m beauty” she said with a smile which displayed her beautiful teeth,
“thanks for telling me your name, you are really a nice person” i said innocently while she smiled,
“don’t say so, cos you know me not” she replied, and from that afternoon we became very close, and did most things in school together, especially assignments and notes which we did and copied together….

I began attending lectures regularly, not because i came to learn, but just to be with beauty, whose behaviour towards me was more than good, and precisely a week and half later we shared our first kiss…..

Oh that afternoon was really awesome, cos we were in her room, which was very close to school after a very tough day, and i knew not what drew us together, and instantly we were in each others arm, and out of nowhere came the kiss, while my heart opened and for the first time i felt something like love for someone…….

“I just don’t know why i feel this way for you, hope i’m making the right decision?” she asked me after the kiss, while i held her face with my palms and stared into her eyes.,….

And all i saw was LOVE……..

“oh My Beauty”

Was her decision really a good one, was her love able to change me??…….

To be continued……

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