Episode 20

“fine boy, hw far nah? longest time?” one of the girls greeted Emeka as she danced towards him, and when she got to where he stood, she turned her back, and rubbed her a-s on his g---n, as she danced to the music playing in their room, while he held her waist and danced a minute or so with her… The other girl laughed as she watched them……

“how much per hand?” Emeka asked the girl dancing with him, who just turned and held his neck,
“nawa for you, it’s the usual price nah” she said to him with a smile,
“so three hundred naira then?” he asked her, while she laughed,
“hmmm you never change, but the price is four hundred naira, anyway no wahala, lets start” she said as she pulled off her bra and pant, which revealed her sweet body,
“maggy my friend is for you” he said to the other girl with a smile. She immediately stood up and approached me…..

Soon Emeka was knacking his own damsel, with full force, while she wrapped her legs, on his a-s and recieved him quietly…..

“Pretty boy come lemme show ya” the other girl said to me as she pulled off her pant and bra, i immediately drew down my trouser, and small knicker, and advanced towards her as she sat on the bed, close to where Emeka was knacking her friend, she brought a condom from nowhere, tore it open and wore it on my erect joystick, before lying on the bed and spreading her legs…..

I slowly plunged into her honeypot, which swallowed the whole length of my joystick, and i pounded her furiously that evening, while she chewed gum, without even letting out a single moan. Due to my excitement i poured out very fast, which made me demand for a ‘second hand’, and this time around, i took my time in bleeping her, but still yet, she chewed her gum as if i wasn’t even inside her, and when i knacked her for about eight minutes without pouring out, i knew not what she did with her waist and i immediately poured out again……

We soon left their room quietly after the show in silence, while i frowned unhappily cos i never did enjoy the whole thing, even though i felt relieved after discharging my accumulated sperm……

We slowly left the area cautiously and in silence, as we watched our back, cos we knew that the police might be around for their own share, which is money, and so we cautiously walked to douglas road that night, were we took a cab home…..

However i knew not the charm does girls applied, cos i started having the urge to go back for more fun as soon as we got back to our room, but i kept my thoughts to myself, and tried to control the urge…..

Emeka travelled home the following day which was saturday, while luckily for me, Rosy visited again from okigwe, which was really my saving grace and another pit of temptation which i feel into, cos that was the weekend i f----d up very badly……

Hmmm, Rosy got pregnant for me after her visit that saturday……

To be continued…..

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