Episode 24

“are you sure about this?” i had asked, that wednesday afternoon when she broke the news of her pregnancy to me,
“yea i even went for a lab test yesterday and the result was positive” she explained while i bit my lips in confusion, cos even though, i was already an expert ‘in having s-x’ that period, i still knew nothing about abortion, nor anything that relates to it……

“is lovelyn aware?” i asked,
“nope no one is aware for now” she replied, while i heaved a sigh,
“so what do we do?” i asked her while she kept quiet and said nothing……

Her visit that wednesday afternoon was really unexpected, cos she never told me she was coming, which really surprised Emeka and i, when i opened our room door that afternoon, after hearing a gentle knock, and there she stood, looking very dejected, which made my heart jump as i lost my stamina/apetite immediately, cos i knew all wasn’t well, and i immediately abandoned my lunch of yam and oil for Emeka…..

However she broke the sad news to me, after Emeka had left the room for us, few minutes later, which really stunned me, cos i knew not what to do…..

“so please i’m really confused, do you have any plan?” i had asked, but she shook her head,
“i do not have any” she replied, while i immediately remembered a popular village tactics, which i decided to use on her….

“i thought you told me you were in your safe period the last time?” i asked, while she looked at me with tears in her eyes,
“i knew not what went wrong, seems like i mis-calculated” she said to me, as i stared coldly at her,
“what of your boyfriend?” i asked, which made her to stare at me in silence,
“hmmm why are you silent, hope he isn’t the one responsible?” i asked with a cold smile, which made her to look down with a drawn jaw,
“i know not what you are trying to do, but all i know is that he isn’t the one, cos he hasn’t touched me this year” she quietly explained,
“what if i tell you that i don’t believe your story” i asked her coldly, while she stared at me with a new kind of fire in her eyes,
“this is a case of life and death, please be serious” she said while i shruggled,
“i don’t know what to do about it, so it isn’t mine” i said to her, which made her to scream in despair, as she equally got up angrily and stormed out of our room. But then her action really caught me unawares, and i hastily went after her,
“where are you going?” i asked, as i caught up with her, but she said nothing, while i grasped her hand, and we struggled as she tried to free herself, and seriously her anger really gave her enough power which she used so well, that she almost freed herself, but as usual, there came Emeka just in time to settle our quarrel and clean up my mess. He dragged us inside the room where i opened up to him, while Rosy eyed me in silence…..

“this is a minor problem, Rosy baby, calm down, i will see to it this evening, but you will have to spend the night here, since this is a delicate matter please” he begged her, while she kept quiet…..

8pm Emeka took me to his friend, who owned a drug store around amawire, where we got the desired drugs easily…

“after she takes the pills, you can make love to her without protection, so that everything will flush out with the help of your sperm” the chemist advised, while i stared at him in confusion, but Emeka’s laughter soon calmed my fears,
“oga Jude is the best, just do as he says, he havn’t failed my friends nor i” he said to me, as i paid one thousand five hundred naira for the drugs that evening….

Hmmmm, and that night was really my first LIFE AND DEATH experience….

To be continued……
Tonights episode of “life of crime” is titled the BANK ROBBERY….

Do stay tuned….

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