Episode 23

we were soon in our second round, and she rode me for the first time, while i squeezed and fondled her fresh bosoms.. She moaned away as she drew her hips up and down while i met her halfway with my joystick, before i later grabbed her a-s, and held it strongly, as we knacked each other furiously. Seriously there is nothing like making love or having s-x with a lively girl, who knows how to turn things around……

She really was well prepared for the show that night, and as i slammed her from behind, she just knelt on the bed and opened her k---y for me, and there wasn’t a method we tried not in that second round, before i finally lay atop her when i was about cumming, with my joystick inside her sweet honey pot, from behind, while she lay on her stomach. The sweetness was unbearable as i squeezed her two bosoms strongly and out i poured while she moaned……

I slowly pulled out my joystick, with a smile of satisfaction, but it was shortlived when my roaster came out with a torn rubber,
“d--n” i cursed with fear, while she turned and faced me,
“what is the matter?”
she asked as she sat up, i gasped again,
“my rubber tore” i said to her with a pounding heart, while she smiled,
“is that all?” she asked,
“yea and i’m confused” i replied, but she just took off the torn rubber, and fondled my joystick,
“don’t be scared i’m in my safe period” she said with a smile, which made me to sigh in relief,
“are your sure” i asked her, while she frowned,
“i’m not a baby, i know myself” she replied, which made me to smile and kiss her happily,
“you are an angel dearie?” i said as we kissed hotly, while She blushed and pushed me down on the bed,
“let me suck you” she said to me seductively,
“please do so baby cos i need to dash you a raw round” i spoke in a dirty manner, she smiled again and into her mouth my joystick entered……

Having s-x with a girl raw or without protection, is one of the sweetest things of nature, and when i later entered her again, an hour later, she moaned very loud, due to the sweetness of the whole thing, as she equally vibrated and discharged a couple of times….. The third round was simply magnificent, and by 3am sunday morning, we lay together totally spent, while her head rested on my chest, as left over sperm dripped out of her k---y,
“i’m in love with you” she whispered to me, while i smiled and kissed her lips,
“i love you too dear” i said to her, and she gazed at me,
“hope you will not deny me tomorrow?” she asked me seriously, while i smiled as we looked into each others eyes…….

“baby i will not forsake you,” i promised, which made her to kiss me happily, before we slept, holding each other…….

However two and half weeks later, my sins came hunting for me as she returned, and when she broke the news of her pregnancy to me, my first instinct told me that i was being played, as i equally remembered how it all happened, but then i had already promised and given her my word to stand by her side, the promise i made not, with my head on that fateful night of passion, but then she looked very pale, and unhappy, a shadow of herself, and as i looked at her, i knew not what to do……

“frank what are we going to do about this baby” she asked me, while i cursed…..

To be continued.,.

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