Episode 26

“my stomach is on fire, please do something” she begged, as she knelt and held her stomach on the floor while i swallowed hard, as i reached for a cup which i used in getting water for her. She drank the water, and calmed down, for a while, before letting out a deep wail,
“chai seems like my intenstines are cutting ooo, the pain has doubled oo” she screamed in Igbo language, while i rushed and covered her mouth,
“Nne do you want to wake our neighbours? Relax let me give you more water” i quitely said to her, while she violently pushed me away,
“thunder fire you and your water, cos you do not know, the kind of pain, i’m enduring here” she shouted at me, while i cursed, the time was 2:18am, thursday morning 2006……..

I was really at lost on what to do, so i had no choice than to call Emeka on phone,
“nna relax, thats how it is supposed to be, it is a prove that the pills are working” he said before ending the call, which really relieved me, while Rosy continued to toss around……

4AM, blood started dripping out of her k---y, as the pain reduced, which made her to rush into the toilet where she spent almost an hour doing what i really do not know.. I tried praying that moment, but i knew not how to start, cos i couldn’t beg my creator to aid me in murder, nor beg him to forgive my sins which was still ongoing, so i just crossed my fingers and waited hopelessly……

4:55AM, she came out of the toilet looking very dejected and weak,
“blood is still rushing out very fast from my k---y, and i have almost exhausted all my pads” she said to me, while i gasped at her without knowing what to say, cos i knew not why she was even using her pad in the first place…..

Seriously guys, there is a situation where you will find yourself, and all your brain will do, is just to be on alert and pick up all details against next time…..

6am i called Emeka on phone again,
“guy she is still bleeding much oo”, i said to him,
“yes nah she is supposed to bleed very well, cos the pregnancy is at the early stage and mostly just a blood clot” he explained while i heaved a sigh of relief….

6:55AM, I rushed to a small shop, far away from where we lived, and bought three packs of sanitary pads, while the eagle eyed shop owner stared at me with mouth wide open, but i cared not, since she dosen’t know me…..

However by 4pm thursday evening, her bleeding reduced and began to drop in a normal menstrual way, while her pains also ceased, which really calmed me…..

Hmmm, yea i know some may not believe my story, but the truth is that i learn’t alot from it, especially how the female body works, and it was a very memorable experience…..

Friday morning, she left us in peace, only to return a week later, with the story that she is still pregnant…..

“hehehe” i just laughed, as i prepared to beat her up that day, cos the d--n girl was just a scammer who wanted to reap me dry….

So i thought…..

“How? Sure? Hmmm?” I know is all in your minds right now, but just relax cos the story just got started….

To be continued….

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