Episode 25

“guy i will sleep at Nonye’s room tonight, in order to give you and Rosy space to sort things out” Emeka said to me as we trekked back to our area that evening, while i looked at him with surprise before laughing,
“i understand, anyway thanks alot for everything and don’t bang nonye too hard oo” i joked while he smiled…..

Nonye is a single lady who was in her late twenties that period, she owned a provision shop within the vicinity where we lived, and was very fond of Emeka, who utilized the opportunity to his advantage, and that night was equally the first time he spent the night in her apartment, cos she was living alone….

Rosy took the pills around 9pm after i had apologised to her, for my earlier behaviour. The pills were really numerous and as she swallowed them, my heart pounded furiously cos i was really scared, moreover i wasn’t dumb not to know the consequencies of my action, or what may happen if complications should occur….

I kissed her passionately after she had taken the pills, while she held me with a shaking hand,
“i’m scared” she said to me as she broke the kiss, while i swallowed hard,
“me too, but lets not think about it, moreover the pharmacist who gave us the pills, said that a good s-x is advisable, in order to relax our nerves” i quitely said to her, even though i knew that i rephrased the truth….

“are you sure about this?” she asked, while i nodded,
“lets just hope it works baby” i answered as i fondled her bosoms, before i pulled off the wrapper which she tied on her body, while she clung to me and we kissed hotly…..

We made love for some minutes that night, and it was really very sweet, cos from the first to the last round, we did it without protection, and we knacked each other very fast and hard, especially when when i took her for a d----e ride, and all she did was just to sing her ‘ewuuuu’ song for me, while i smacked, caressed, fondled and held her a-s as i dug in and out of her k---y…

After the second round, she sat atop my pelvic region, after sucking my joystick, which slowly buried itself in her dripping wet and hot k---y. She then left it in there, as she rested her head on my chest and we slept off…..

But i soon woke up hours later, when she shook me violently,
“my stomach, my stomach is biting me oo, i’m dying here oo” she screamed quietly as she wriggled and held her stomach….

My mind jumped, while my heart skipped and froze, as i panicked….

“God don’t let her die” i prayed as i watched her with confusion, and clueless on what next to do…..

Kpom! kpom!! kpom!!! My heart resumed beating again, but this time around, it pounded very fast and furiously, while i felt like running away…

To be continued….

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