Episode 28

my slap quietened her for a while, as tears dripped out from her eyes. I sighed angrily and returned to my bed, where i lay in deep thought, cos nothing worries a guy more than an unwanted pregnancy,
“what do i do” i wondered, cos even though i had a big feeling that she was lying, my spirit wasn’t really strong enough to gamble with my suspicion, but i had no money and there wasn’t a way i could offer what i do not have……..

“so finally it has come to this, i swear, i do regret ever knowing you, i hate you for all you have put me through, things will never go well for you, come and slap again coward” she cursed while i swallowed hard…..

I know every lady do have needs, and i equally knew that i havn’t spent much or given her money before, apart from transport fare which i gave her twice. But then it wasn’t really because i was stingy, but it was just because i do not have money, but then my good clothes, and handset do decieve girls alot, making them to think differently……

She cursed me all through that night, while i kept swallowing hard, but still i didn’t beg her, cos i couldn’t get myself to apologise…..

8am saturday morning, she freshened and dressed up without even talking to me, while i just kept quiet as my heart furiously pounded, and her silence even made me more confused, cos i knew not what she had in mind…..

“thanks for everything, God will reward you, i’m leaving your life for good, please don’t ever call me or text my phone number, cos you will not see me again, and even if you do, i swear it won’t be pleasant for both of us, let me take care of the baby myself, i may not remove it after all” she said before walking out on me that morning, while i sat on my bed and tears dropped out from my eyes, and i just felt as if i had betrayed her, even though my mind told me i did the right thing, and from that day her phone number became unavailable, which really panicked me…..

But when i asked Lovelyn,{Emeka’s girlfriend} about her where-about, a week later, she told me that Rosy travelled to Ghana with her mother’s sister on monday,{two days after her last visit}, and seriously i was really at lost that period, cos i knew not whether it was money for her travel that she was looking for, or whether she told me the truth or if i really was going to be a father…..

And i never did see her again, till years later which is another big story…..

Hmmmm, Rosy is a girl full of surprises…..

To be continued…..
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