Episode 30

“hmmm guy you better be careful with nicki oo, cos that girl will kill and eat you” Emeka advised me, the first time he saw her, while i laughed it off, cos Nicki really was the kind of girl most guys would like to be with, She dresses very sharp, and seductive, loves colours alot, and most of her clothes then, were very colourful, with lots of attractive hand bags to match each of them…

Oh she simply was nothing but perfect, a good example of an Imsu chic, her table manners and behaviour were equally “up to date or standard”, what of music? Hmmmm, she can sing and dance like beyonce…….

Nicki is a girl who could make any guy go gaga those days, and seriously i knew not what she saw in me, that attracted her. And our romance?? Hmmm, it just started like a nigerian movie…..

She soon took me to her hostel a week after we met, where she introduced me to her two pretty slim roomates, who were equally breathtaking and beautiful like her,
“meet my roomies, Anita and Mary” she said to me that afternoon, while my eyes enlarged as i gazed at the two pretty damsels wearing only bum shorts and singlet,
“girls meet my Frank” she said to them, while they smiled as they looked me over,
“wow frank, we are so pleased to finally meet you, cos this girl dosen’t allow us to hear word, every time, frank did this or frank said that” Anita said with a smile, while i laughed……

“nicki you have been enjoying this pretty boy alone all these while, so it’s my turn today” Mary said as she came and sat on my laps, as she equally rested her back on my chest, seriously she smelt nice…….

We all joked and laughed that day, which really made me relax, but however i tried to focus on the jokes, cos i had a hard time controlling my joystick that day, which struggled desperately to introduce itself, as Mary kept on moving her hip{waist/a-s} to and fro on top of it, as she joked. Whether she purposely did it to arouse me or not, i knew not, but however most girls do play that way with boys, in hostels…..

Soon a woman selling “ladies clothes” entered their room, and they went through her bag, picking out cheap clothes and underwears, while i swallowed hard….

“how many bra and skirt will you buy for me?” Mary asked me jokinly,
“stop that nonsense, are you the only person he will buy for?” Anita interrupted, while i shook my head,
“babes i didn’t plan for this, cos i’m just coming from school maybe another day” i said, while they all looked at me as if they were about to cry, while Nicki pleaded to me with her eyes…..

“don’t worry girls you can pick the ones you like maybe by tomorrow i will come for my money” the cloth seller said, which made them jump up happily,
“yea frank darling we will only pick two each” they said to me while i swallowed hard again……

But then the girls were so good in acting, that they treated me like a king, and even though i knew i was being ‘milked’, i really didn’t feel anything, until when i returned to my hostel with a bill of two thousand eight hundred hanging on my head, while i was even yet to see Nicki’s pant that period oo……


Hmmm, who will be the player??

To be continued…..

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