Episode 29

Beauty and i still continued with our relationship, which was really “all school work and no play”, but i however valued her in a way, cos she really was my first campus girlfriend, but what really surprised me however, was that she never suspected anything, nor read my mood during my problem with Rosy….. I really had no doubt about her love for me, cos she never did hide anything from me, and i equally appreciated her assistance in helping me with my schoolwork{school assignment and copying of notes}. But yet our relationship was very boring to me, because of the “no s-x condition” attached to it…….

But after my last fight with Rosy, it took me weeks to get myself, cos i was very scared and doubtful, even though Emeka reassured me that all was fine. Beauty on her own part was very serious with her lectures to even notice my mood, cos she channelled all her efforts to her studies….. Her vision was to secure admission in law faculty after the pre-degree programme…..

That period was equally the first time a girl approached me on her own. Nicki a very beautiful and sexy girl, who always chewed gum as if it was food…….

“hey i have seen you once in mbano area, are you from there?” she had asked me that fateful afternoon, when i was buried in my thoughts, as i waited for Emeka who was talking to a girl…..

“yea i’m from Mbano, are you equally from there?” i asked her as my eyes lit up hopefully, like a cat who saw a friendly rat,
“i’m from mbaise, but my mum is from mbano” she explained, while i examined her with my eyes, “d--n she is so sexy” i said to myself as i swallowed hard…..

We soon exchanged phone numbers, after we had chatted for a while, and i made sure, i told her some stories which made her smile, cos i’m very good in doing it,
“see you tomorrow” she said to me before leaving, while i licked my lips…..

Unlike Beauty, Nicki is very lively and less serious with her studies, she equally had a way of drawing stares to herself, but however i can’t deny that she is a sexy girl, who really knew the best outfit suitable for her shape, and her a-s is equally one of a kind…..

Hmmm, my life as a predegree student is not what i will wish for anyone, as i never studied for a single day, cos i was carried away by the fake things around me, and the environment i also found myself didn’t help matters, and it wasn’t even as if i’m an intelligent guy, who could read and understand in last minute, like some guys, and i never knew that time flies so quick, untill when it was too late…..

So my story is just like a confession, because i knew i hurt many girls while some cursed me, even though i doubt the effectiveness, and i do wish my young friends could read, understand and not try it, cos they may not be so lucky…..

And so Nicki was a sharp girl who almost broke my dormancy, and almost ripped me off, with her sexy nature, and seriously guys, sometimes the player’s diary nor the rules of the game, may not save you, if a sharp runz girl comes knocking on your door……

Hmmmm, my story with Nicki is a very long one….

To be continued…

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