Episode 32

I really had a hard time, convincing my mum to give me more money that thursday morning, and we argued for long, as she asked me searching questions, which i answered with lies……

9:30AM, i got a phone call from Emeka,
“guy we are about to write an impromptu test, better hurry o!” he said to me, while i panicked……

I tried all my best to catch up with the test, that morning, but all was in vain cos i arrived in school around 10:30AM, only to meet my coursemates outside the lecture hall, which clearly told me that the test was over, and it really pained me. I knew i wasn’t prepared for the test, but then i equally knew that, i would have been able to attempt some questions with cheating {giraffing}…..

I stood under a tree, and watched my coursemates as they discussed freely, while some serious ones among them went through their notes….
“all because of Nicki” i said to myself, as i shook my head, while guilt took over my body,
“here i am in the process of failing a key subject, because of a girl” i reasoned bitterly, as i watched the crowd of students in front of me, and i felt different… {Our population that year, was very massive}……..

“hey here you are” i heard beauty’s voice say, as she grabbed my hand from behind,
“how far, i didn’t see you in the hall, hope you wrote the test?” she asked me, while i shook my head,
“nope, something came up at home, which made me to travel, and i returned late” i explained, while she looked at me with pity,
“seriously i don’t know what to say, but if you like, we can meet the lecturer together, he is a good man” she said to me, as i gazed into her eyes with a smile,
“don’t worry dear, i can take care of myself” i replied, but she just looked at me as if my words hurt her, shruggled and shook her head,
“seriously with the way you are taking your studies, i don’t think you will make it in the end, i have tried for you, moreover your recent behaviour doesn’t impress me, please try and change for your own good” she said to me coldly before walking away, while i swallowed hard, as i thought about myself, cos she really told me the truth……

“hey se*y boy” i soon heard Nicki shout, as she rushed and hugged me, which drew stares at us,
“mehn this fu*king lecturer is a junkie oo, imagine giving an impromptu test, anyway sha i wrote well” she said happily as she picked pimples from my face, without even minding, that some students were already gossiping about us……

“baby lets go and buy mr biggs ice cream, i want to spend the rest of the day in your room” she later said to me with a wink, while i stared at her, as my conscience and body fought each other for dormancy…..

“this is no way good, you just missed a test, because of her” my conscience sang in my head, while my body, headed by my joystick urged and encouraged me,
“my friend don’t let this test you missed be in vain, she has offered you a free ticket or compensation, grab it jor” my joystick urged me…..

“What are you thinking, lets get going nah” Nicki said, interrupting my thoughts, as she dragged me towards the pre-degree gate….


to be continued…..
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