Episode 34

friday went by, without any major event cos Emeka and i spent it indoors, gambling with some street guys…….

Saturday morning soon arrived, and after the usual washing of clothes and arranging of our room, Emeka travelled to Aba. He really is a guy who dosen’t like to stay in a place for long, and he loves travelling the way he loves girls……

I was about dozing off around 1:30pm, when i heard a knock on my door and when i opened the door, it was no other person than Beauty, and i smiled at her,
“hey dear i’m so glad you came” i happily said as we hugged…..

“i came to apologise for my behaviour on thursday, i shouldn’t have walked out on you, but it really happened because i was very sad and unhappy about your carefree atitude and unserious nature, you know we are not yet sure of our admission, and it is how we take our school work that will determine it. I know i havn’t really been lively with you, but i believe you will understand and bear with me, until we get admitted, and we can then have enough free time for each other, please” she begged as she held me, while i smiled…..

“baby seriously i’m not angry with you” i said to her, while she looked at me with disbelief,
“then why haven’t you called me on phone since thursday?” she asked while i swallowed hard, as i reasoned very fast for a good reply…..

Seriously i never did give second thought to her behaviour that thursday, cos i really had other pressing matters which occupied my mind, moreover Nicki equally soon distracted me, and i forgot all about her. Supposing she was my only girlfriend, maybe the way she walked out on me that thursday would have angered or panicked me, but i never even noticed it, while she thought it pained me…….

However no matter what, she still was valuable to me that period, cos if not for anything, my notes and assignments which she do help me with, was enough to keep our relationship going…….

“Seriously it isn’t really what you think, but the truth sha, is that i waited for you to flash or call first which you didn’t do” i said to her with a smile, while she smiled back,
“i have no airtime to call or flash” she explained while i carried her on my laps and we hugged again,
“i’m so sorry about everything, lets just forget it” i said to her, while my phone immediately began to ring that moment and it was Nicki the sexy godess calling……

“hey sexy boy see your way? why havn’t you called me on phone today? Hope you are around, cos my roomies and i are already on our way to your place for a surprise visit?” she announced with her usual seductive tone while i froze, cos i knew Beauty over heard some, if not all she said, moreover i had no choice but to answer Nicki’s call in her presence, when her head was still on my shoulder, due to we haven’t yet disengaged from our embrace when the phone call came through……

“Hello are you there?” i soon heard Nicki ask, while i felt the fast beating of Beauty’s heart on my chest….

To be continued….
I will update the vforum crime story later in the evening…

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