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The Diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 33


Episode 33

As she dragged me towards the school gate, she noticed my mood which made her to stop,
“are you alright?” she asked with concern, while i forced a smile,
“yea dear, just that i forgot to come with extra money today, due to i rushed into school because of the test” i explained to her, while her facial expression immediately changed, but as a smart girl, she immediately covered it up with a fake smile,
“okay no wahala lets then go to your room” she said……

We got into my room around 11:45AM, and she immediately lay on the bed,
“gosh i’m so fuc*ing tired and hungry” she exclaimed, while i just stood and watched her as i fought my guilt, cos my conscience really played a tough game on my mind that morning……

We later ate indomie and egg which we washed down with maltina, as i gradually got over my guilt and admired her. Nicki is really a sweet girl,
“why are you staring at me?” she asked with a smile,
“is it a crime to admire the most beautiful girl in Imsu” i asked back, as i winked at her while she blushed,
“abeg oo this your flattering is too much oo” she replied…….

We were soon on my bed kissing, fondling and caressing each other, like two couples in heat, which really brought out the passion in me, cos her lips really tasted nice and she equally kissed very perfectly. Her b-----s were very soft and pointed, body smooth and well nourished, her a-s and laps very sweet, sharp and edible. Oh my joystick had no choice, but to enlarge to its limit within a short time…..

“no s-x today, lets just catch fun” she whispered into my ear, as she pulled down the hand of her blouse, which exposed her well curved bosoms halfway, while i groaned like a vampire that saw blood
“come and taste a little,” she said with a naughty smile, as she further pulled down the right side of her blouse, which exposed her full right b----t, that was covered a bit, by one of the most tiny cute looking bra i have ever seen…..

Definetly she was in control of the whole show that day, and my mouth soon was on her exposed right b---m, sucking her n----e hard, like a hungry child, while she rubbed my head with her palms, as my hand slowly reached for her left b---m…..

She moaned into my ear in a low tone, which really got me more high, as her left hand found its way inside my trouser and knicker, where it fondled and massaged my joystick without bringing it out……

Minutes later her mouth was on my joystick, which she s----d as she rubbed and caressed my balls and pelvic region, while i closed my eyes as i enjoyed her touch.
Oh she definetly was a s-x godess and so good was she in handling my joystick, that she didn’t even let go, until i t----t and poured, while she laughed with satisfaction as she got up,
“hmmmm, strong thick sperm you got in there oo” she joked as she gently squeezed my balls again….

But then that was all i got from her that day, cos she didn’t allow me to take off her trouser, even though i used all the tactics i knew, which never even moved her, as if she was already used to them…..

“lets save s-x for another day, the later the sweeter” she said to me with a smile, while i bit my lips in resignation…….

Where went my player’s Diary??……

To be continued….

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28 thoughts on “The Diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 33

  • sucsex

    First to comment frank everyday no be christmas u don jam confam runz girl

  • Blustreak

    HOLY MOSES!!!!! *Eyes wide open* in awe. Frank, you don jam wahala. You better evolve & become a vampire oº°˚. This nickie girl na heavy weight champion oº°˚. 101% runz girl with all d degrees on offer in the runz department in her coffers. I don ∂єÿ pittie u already. Ndo nwannem. If u no evolve, she go finish u trowey ur bone.


      Hehehehe oga blustreak so frank should evolve to a woman sucking vampire?? Hehehehe

  • Zinny-zara

    Ur pocket go don dry again b4 u c honeypot lick


    Lol…….Every Day No Be Xmas

  • ifeanyi samuel

    Frank ur pocket go dry finsh and u go miss exam no be test again be4 u see k---y oooo

  • Petokey

    Where went ur players diary? See question? Go and find it in the last toto u f--k. Mayb u 4got it inside. Hahahahahahahaha. Frank don carry last for the first time.

  • tutusaint

    Conny man dir, Conny man bury am oooo

  • Zinny-zara

    @coolval….yes na

  • Zinny-zara

    Bt frank oh…dat ice cream wey u no gree buy her na she suck 4rm ur kini…she finally lick natural ice cream


    By Nicky’s estimation,u’ve not spent enough to taste her honeypot.So u make do with her upper region and prepare to spend more.Hope u’re equal to d task?

    • Franky

      Haba my brother you are very sharp o!, how you carry know her plan??

  • Franky

    Anytime i log in here, your comments always make me laugh.. Thanks friends i feel at home here..

  • Fidel

    Frank, are u stil wt joy?, cos most players usualy end up in hand of wrong women(nemesis). Pray u ll b lucky at end if not prepare 4 disaster. Marrying a wrong woman hmmmm.

  • Blachberrydude

    this nicki na experience slo.t. Frank don enter wahala

  • Damex333

    D gal play ha game well just lyk messi plays football, so frank go and bring more money b4 u enjoy d below part,even d upper part u enjoy na pity she pity give u.

  • Blustreak

    Frank need to evolve to a smarter, more shrewd and tip-tap play. Failure to do this, you’re gonna be on a looooooong thing. This girl na universal champion.

  • Ijebaby

    Runz girl 2 – Frank 0

  • SailorXY

    she let u pour in her mouth? greeeeaaat

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