Episode 35

“i’m not around, i rushed home on an errand” i answered Nicki,
“d--n when are you returning?” she asked,
“we will talk later please” i said to her, before ending the call, while beauty jumped out from my body and gazed at me coldly,

“so you are equally cheating on me” she muttered painfully, while i stood up and tried to hold her, but she declined by backing away,
“i won’t actually call it cheating, baby she is just our coursemate who lives around orji junction, she likes to visit me with her friends, but there is nothing between us” i explained, but all she did was just to sit on a plastic chair inside my room, and cover her face with her palms as she tried to hide her grief……

“what is so special about her, is it s-x?” she asked, but i looked away sadly and swallowed hard,
“if it is about s-x, you can go ahead and have her, cos if you are waiting for it from me, you will be in for a long wait” she composed herself, muttered and stood up, while i held her waist and looked into her eyes,
“it’s you that i want believe me” i said, but she shook her head,
“i’m sorry, i don’t believe you” she replied and turned to leave my room……

“so this is it, after everything we shared together, this is how it will end” i said desperately, while she stopped at the door and stood hesitantly,
“i won’t blame you if you leave, i brought it on myself sha, i should have told you about her earlier” i added…….

She turned, faced me and rested her back on the door as she folded her arms,
“hope i’m not making a big mistake by trying to believe you” she asked, while i closed in on her,
“thanks dear you won’t regret it” i happily said as i planted a gentle kiss on her mouth, while she stared at me……

Her warm lips tasted sweet. I brought down my lips again, and gave her another deep kiss, while she reluctantly opened her mouth, and in went my tongue, as it played inside her warm mouth……

Truthfully her behaviour that moment clearly showed me that she loved me, and i too was very glad that she didn’t leave me, cos my heart had jumped when she tried to walk away, cos losing her really would have been a costly mistake, if not for anything, for the sake of the assignments she do help me with…….

She closed her eyes as we kissed passionately for a while, before she gently withdrew her mouth, and held my face with her palms,
“you promise not to hide anything again from me?” she seriously asked, while i nodded in agreement…,..

“ok then i will like you to introduce me to her on monday” she said with a smile as she stared at me, and it really took all my will power, to restrain my mood from giving me away, that moment as i faked a smile….

“sure i will” i answered, but then i knew it would be a difficult or bad thing to do, because of her gentle nature…

“how can i introduce a rough girl like nicki to her” i wondered, as i bit my lips,

“it isn’t justifiable” my mind cautioned me….. But then i had already agreed to do it…

And so shall I….

To be continued…..

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