Episode 36

sunday soon came by in its usual quiet way, and i managed to attend a morning service{church} that day as i prayed to God to forgive my sins, which really was growing with each passing day…….

Around 2pm i heard a quiet knock on my door and when i opened it, i was very much surprised to see chinyere my neighbour{old girlfriend} standing there with a smile, which made me breathe heavily……

“Happy sunday” she greeted, as i made way for her to enter inside my room…..

Her impromptu visit really surprised me, cos after the day she caught Ngozi and I together, things havn’t been the same between us, and she hardly even talked to me, while i equally avoided her in order not to be insulted……

She sat on my bed and stared at me, while i stared back saying no word, cos i really knew not what to tell her,

“so how have you been doing?” she asked me,
“i’m fine, just that i really missed everything about you, though it’s not your fault sha” i replied, but to my greatest surprise, she drew near me and held my face,
“i came so that we could work things out” she said with a smile, while i looked at her with surprise as bad thoughts immediately entered my head…..

“do you think it will still work out, cos i now have many female friends?” i said to her truthfully, cos i knew it was better to tell her everything on time in order not to blame myself later…..

“i know but will you drop them for me?” she asked while i swallowed hard and shook my head,
“i don’t really know” i answered truthfully as she stared intently at me with the look of disappointment clearly visible on her face……

“i really like you” she confessed as she brought down her hand from my face and stood up unhappily, while i equally got up and held her waist,
“i’m very sorry for everything” i apologised, but she just breathed deeply, gave me one last look and walked away, with a wounded pride. But then i knew i did the right thing for once……

However, i wasn’t really myself the rest of the evening as i thought of her, and it really made me not to prepare against monday, the day i promised to introduce Nicki to Beauty…… Emeka also did not return that sunday, which equally left me with no backup…..

8:46am monday morning, i entered school early for lectures and to my surprise, i ran into Beauty at the pre-degree gate, and after exchanging pleasantries, we entered school together while she joked happily,
“seems like you have decided to change” she joked, but as we were about to enter our lecture hall, Nicki called out to me from behind,

“hey frank, wait for me nah” she shouted as she rushed towards us, and i had no other option than to stop with Beauty. who gave me a question look as we waited for her to catch up with us….

“oh lawd not now” i prayed silently….

To be continued…….
Coming up later today is our crime story {vforum}

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