Episode 37

“hey wassup” she greeted beauty, who just nodded when she approached us, and we all entered the lecture hall in silence…….

We only had one lecture that morning, but the over crowded and noisy lecture hall didn’t give us room to chat, and so beauty just busied herself with her notes, while i sat between her and Nicki with a fast pounding heart, as sweat drenched me……

“i’m hungry lets go get something” beauty whispered in my ear around 12noon which made me to get up with her, while nicki gave us a suspicious look,
“we are going to a resturant, will you care to join us?” i asked her polietly, without any choice. She equally got up and followed us……

“hey whats your name? i’m Nicki” she said jovially to Beauty as we walked towards a resturant located around Imsu junction, while beauty forced a smile, even though i knew she was very unhappy and uncomfortable, because Nicki’s composure, really made her look like an insignificant child…….

Nicki is really a girl who knew how to dominate, which she did so well that particular day, and it really pained Beauty, who really was no match for her……

We all ordered for rice, and malt, which we ate and drank silently, while i felt like to abandon them and run away,
“so won’t you introduce me to your friend” Beauty finally managed to ask me minutes later, while my heart leaped and Nicki looked at us inquisitively,
“em Nicki meet my girl Beauty” i introduced poorly, while Nicki forced a smile,
“wow hope you will also be my girlfriend?” she asked Beauty with a smile, who just managed to laugh…….

“hmmmm finally its over” i said to myself as i heaved a sigh of relief, even though i purposely didn’t introduce nicki to her, but it seemed like none of them noticed, which really was to my advantage, but just that moment, Beauty stood up,
“please we will see tomorrow, i forgot that i planned to open a new bank account today, let me rush to the bank” she casually explained, and walked away without even waiting to hear my reply……

I sat uncomfortably, without any clue on what really was Beauty’s problem, cos i did everything she asked, but however i didn’t go after her, because we were in a public place, moreover it wasn’t really that obvious that she left with anger…….

“why didn’t you tell me about her?” Nicki asked and interrupted my thoughts, while i looked down sadly,
“i didn’t know that it will come to this one day, she is my first female friend in this school, and truthfully we havn’t been more than friends sha, but i know you won’t believe me” i said to her, while she looked me over silently…..

“i believe you” i finally heard her say, while i gasped surprisinly at her,
“she is a very possessive girl, and she would have been more agressive towards me, if you have slept with her” she explained like a expert while i stared at her…..

“come on don’t give me that look jor, any smart girl can easily read her behaviour like a book” she said as she got up,

“are coming with me or not to my hostel? We have the rest of the day to ourselves, my roomies travelled this morning” she said with a wink……

I licked my lips, smiled, got up and followed her, with my joystick dangling happily…..

And to her hostel we went for a good time……

To be continued……
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