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The diary series *franks life on campus* Episode 38


Episode 38

we finally arrived her hostel that afternoon, very tired and weak, while she smiled to me,
“welcome to my empty room, just relax i’m coming” she said seductively, before walking to her wardrope, where she took out a cloth and walked into the bathroom with it, as i looked around her empty room, even though it wasn’t my first time of being there. Just like most girls, her room really had no single electronic in it, apart from a plastic standing fan which blew slowly……

She spent a whole lot of time in her bathroom, and when she did come out, i let out a whistle, cos standing in front of me was the s-x goddess herself, dressed in a loose short skirt which clearly exposed her laps, and a blue singlet, that showed the nutrients of her upper region perfectly well…..

I let out a whistle again, while my joystick rose up excitedly,
“baby you are looking very lovely and sweet, chai infact you are just like a ripe pawpaw” i praised her, while she just rolled her eyes and moved to her standing mirror, where she admired herself in various angles, as i eyed her like a hungry lion……

“so what happens to a pawpaw when it is ripe?” she asked jokinly,
“baby it is to pluck and consume it naw” i replied in Igbo language which made her laugh, while i pounced on her, and before she could even turn to face me, she was already in my arms, as i carried her from behind to her bed where i dumped her. My mouth kissed all over her body very hot and fast, as my hands pulled down the hands of her singlet….

I was so fast, rough and tactical as i heated her body up, while she moaned and tried to resist me, but then i had been waiting for such opportunity for long, and so, i squeezed, fondled, caressed, bit and romanced her like a robot, and she knew not what hit her, until her pant was off and my mouth on her k---y…….

I had always dreamt of licking and eating up her k---y, and that afternoon was the perfect moment, cos not only did she just take her bath, she equally wore a short loose skirt which gave me easy access…..

Her k---y was really tasteless and cute, but when i licked it for few minutes, i lost interest cos it really didn’t have any special effect on my body, but as i brought out my head, she immediately pushed it back in,
“baby come on lick it dry, roll you tongue on it” she sang as her legs moved up and down restlessly, while i reluctantly continued. Small k---y fluid soon rushed out moments later, and i was forced to lick the whole thing, as her hand never left my head, while she rested her knee on my throat/shoulder region……

And her honey pot i licked until i felt like vomitting, while the d--n girl still refused to let me go…..

“Don’t tell me you are already tired when we havn’t yet started, please just lick slow now please” she often had something to say, which will make me continue, and i had to continue in order not to let myself down and impress her…..

But was honeypot what i came to lick??

Hmmmm, that afternoon was really hectic…..

To be continued…..

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22 thoughts on “The diary series *franks life on campus* Episode 38

  • tutusaint

    frank go lick k---y die.
    make sure u chop am oop

  • Izuone

    This guy no go kill me oh

  • Blachberrydude

    ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Cant stop laughing @the last statement. Frank u no go kill person oooo

    • Franky

      Please blackberrydude don’t laugh too much. Hahahaha

  • Fidel

    U ve won, d shakara is over n i also think u ve lost beauty 4 good. Good decision 4 her if she ll be able to escape ur prank.

    • Franky

      Brother fidel, yea Beauty is a nice girl, but do you think i lost her in this episode?


    Yuck…….I Feel Like To Puke

    • Franky

      Abeg bro wrench don’t puke oo, wetin you want me wey chop am to do?

  • Emmy99

    Chio laf no go kill me hia oh…… Frank na chop and quench u dey oh

    • Franky

      Hahahahah Emmy99, i want s-x she carry k---y put for my mouth imagine!

  • itgeek

    Frankie taking p---y licking 101, hahahahaha, laff wan kill me.

    • Franky

      Hahahahah Itgeek you correct o! She just gave me p---y 101 practical


    Frank u be wan chop k---y,today u come chop am raw with ur mouth.But i hope say no be u go buy eletronics for her room?.

    • Franky

      Hahahaha Richmond, that girl is something else eeh, any side you follow she get her own plan for it

  • Damex333

    HaHahaha so na k---y chopping carry u go ha hostel.

  • tochi

    Tried that with my gf recently and ¶ must confess it was heavenly as ¶ took her to cloud 9 and back again

  • Ijebaby

    Oh so you think una d--k sweet abi? Lol!

  • SailorXY

    no be u wan lick ripe paw paw???

  • Booty butt chic

    Jeez……dat gurl is wicked ooo

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