Episode 40

“how do you feel now?” Nicki asked me when i came out of the toilet minutes later,
“i feel so happy dear” i replied happily as i dressed up, before sitting on her bed again, while she stared at me. I laid beside her and kissed her lips,
“you are so sweet” i muttered, while she caressed my face with her left palm,
“you are also sweet and huge pretty boy” she replied as we stared at each other and i felt like having s-x with her all over again…….

“i’m hungry” she later complained with a drawn face an hour later, while i swallowed hard as i looked at her without a single clue on how to reply her,
“what will you buy for me?” she asked, while i looked down,
“will you eat african salad?” i asked her, but she just squeezed her face angrily,
“is african salad food? Or are you just trying to annoy me she asked back?” while i kept quiet as i tried to calculate how much i still had left, cos i was the one who paid for the meal we took earlier with Beauty……

“you know i have already spent money which i didn’t budget today, so i’m kind of broke now to take you out” i quietly explained, while she smiled in her usual way,
“i don’t believe you, anyway lets check it out” she said as she reached for my wallet which was lying on the bed, while i bit my lips, cos i had forgotten that i brought out my wallet when we were having s-x earlier, and before i could snatch it away from her, she opened and took the remaining, one thousand naira in it, which were in two notes of five hundred{#500}…..

I pleaded, dragged and fought her for the money, while she struggled like a motor park tout as she tried to keep me from taking it away from her. But however after much struggling and pleading, she gave me five hundred naira from it, and kept the other half for herself……

5:30pm i finally left her hostel while she saw me off, cos according to her, “she dosen’t want her pretty boy to be kidnapped” and so she excorted me till we reached works road……

But as we waited for an empty bike{okada} that evening, she drew my hand, and pointed to a couple who were walking towards imsu junction with fingers linked together, and when i looked at them, my heart flew while i closed my eyes and opened it again…..

“Isn’t that girl Beauty?” she asked me with a mockery tone while i swallowed hard as i felt pain in my heart…..

“Who is the guy with her and what is she doing with him by this time of the day? I asked myself as i wondered, while i felt like going after them that moment, cos even though i was cheating on her, i couldn’t really bear to see her cheat on me……

“But Can beauty be a cheat??

Hmmmm, “i guess i have to wait till tomorrow when i will confront her in school before drawing any conclusion” i reasoned….

But still “My heart bled”

A girl i have held myself from knacking…..

To be continued…..

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