Episode 41

I was unable to think properly that evening, while my heart kept on pounding furiously, cos nothing pains a guy more, than to discover that “a girl he has been saving for future use or for something good is enjoying herself with another guy”…..

However i still refused to draw any conclusion that evening, “let it just wait till i confront her tomorrow”, i concluded……

I also restrained myself from calling her on phone that night, as i equally refused to tell Emeka what i saw….

Finally tuesday morning arrived and i went to school very early, not to learn, but to confront Beauty cos i dreamt of her all night long…..

But i was unable to speak with her that morning, cos she arrived school a bit late, when a lecturer was about to enter our class for lectures, and so i crossed my fingers as i waited for lectures to end and equally prayed for my fears not to come true……..

12:25pm, after our second lecture, i went over to where she sat and tapped her shoulder,
“hey how are you dear” she greeted as she smiled, while i equally forced out a smile,
“i want to ask you something, please lets go outside” i said to her. she gave me a searching look and stood up. We went outside, stopped under a tree and faced each other……

“i saw you yesterday evening at works layout with a guy, who is he?” i asked her bluntly, while she laughed,
“oh you mean Caleb, i thought you have seen my senior brother once nah, didn’t you recognise him again?” she asked, while i heaved a sigh of relief, and my happiness knew no bounds when i heard her answer, which really left me short of words…..

“but i thought he lives in Ikenegbu what were you guys doing at works layout?” i asked,
“we went to visit my mum’s sister who delivered a baby girl two days ago” she explained, while my body and soul relaxed happily……

“so let me ask you my own question?” she smiled and said, i smiled back and nodded cos i thought she was joking…..

“what were you also doing in works layout yesterday evening” she asked, while i stared at her for a while as i realised my mistake, cos in my desperation i had forgotten that for me to see her in works layout, it equally meant that i was there as well,
“oh i went to see a good friend from my hometown” i lied with a smile, but she immediately gave me an angry look which chased away my smile……

“hmmm so Nicki is the good friend you went to visit yesterday” she asked, while my face coloured as i swallowed hard…..

“did she see us” i asked myself with fear, but then if she didn’t, “how could she have known that i was with Nicki that evening” i reasoned……

And I was still in deep reasoning, when she gave me one last angry look and walked away, while i just stood and watched as she entered back into our class without even calling her back, cos i needed no one to tell me that things have turned against me……..

“hey pretty boy here you are” i soon heard Nicki shout from behind……

To be continued…..

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