Episode 42

“hmmm you and Beauty again, i guess it’s time you choose between me and her” she said to me while i just sighed and said nothing, which really provoked her, and for the first time i saw Nicki’s eyes turn dark red, as she looked at me furiously…..

“you just sighed at me abi? No wahala” she said and turned to leave, while i held her hand and drew her back,
“i’m sorry” i apologised but she just shruggled and eyed me,
“no need for that, just end everything with beauty first, then i will consider your apology, i’m not a cheap girl” she said and walked away, while i stood speechless and in surprise with her sudden change of character………

I stayed in school till around 2pm that fateful tuesday as i waited for our last lecture to end, it wasn’t really my mind to stay in school till that period, but i stayed in order to talk things over with beauty, even though i knew not, whether to break up with her or to apologise and settle with her…….

Finally 2:03pm our last lecture for that day ended and everybody trooped out of the hall and headed home, while i caught up with beauty and held her hand,
“hmmm so you are still in school?” she asked me coldly,
“yea cos i want to explain” i replied and she laughed,
“you guys are always fond of explaining, anyway i don’t have the time to listen to your story, cos i’m very hungry” she said coldly,
“okay lets go to a fastfood joint nah” i said, but she just shook her head,
“don’t worry i have food in my hostel thanks” she replied coldly……

To her hostel, we went together that afternoon, where she warmed her soup and made garri which we ate together,
“hope you know that you have just shortened my food” she said to me coldly in order to make me angry, which really worked, cos her last comment hurt my pride and smote my heart, and i just managed to swallow the last garri, already in my mouth, washed my hands and got up……

“i’m going” i quietly said to her while she looked at me and smiled,
“who are you forming for, abeg sit down jare” she said while i bit my lips angrily and stared at her, as i held myself from slapping her instantly…..

“i can’t take your insults any longer, i’m leaving” i said bitterly,
“what do you know about insults eeh, the one you did yesterday to me, what is it called?, please close my door once you leave and don’t ever talk to me or come back to me until you break up with that your new harlot girlfriend. You are not even ashamed of being with her, next time before you befriend any girl, investigate her present and past life first, abeg go jor” she said as i left her room, without another word…….

But then as i left her hostel that evening, her last words kept on repeating itself on my head, “what really does she mean by, i should investigate Nicki’s present and past life, does she know something i did not know?” i asked myself and wondered…….

And so troubled i was, when i returned to my room that fateful tuesday evening…..

To be continued….

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