Episode 43

I got to my room that evening only to see Emeka and lovelyn seriously fighting each other, even though lovelyn was the one recieving the blows while Emeka rendered them….

I immediately forgot my own problems, dashed inside and seperated them, while Lovelyn held her jaw and cried as embraced me,
“my guy what is happening?” i asked Emeka who just sighed and left the room, while i watched him cautiously as he sat on a pavement in front of our room and lit a cigar…….

“what caused the fight?” i asked lovelyn, as she cleaned her eyes,
“a girl called him on phone and i answered the call” she explained, while i looked at her with pity and clueless on what next to say to her…..

“he went to buy indomie when the call came through, and when he returned, i told him everything, but all he did was just to slap me” she explained…..

“its okay i will talk to him, just calm down okay” i consoled her, before going to meet my friend….

Emeka’s way of beating lovelyn, really was way out of line, but seriously just like i said in the earlier episodes, i knew not whether he used jazz{charm/african magic} on her, cos according to the stories i heard and the ones i witnessed, i have never seen a lady so maltreated yet she still stayed with him as if he was the only guy one earth. Maybe it was because of the numerous abortions she had carried out for him that made her stick to him, however i knew not…..

“nawa for you oo” i said to Emeka when i sat beside him on the pavement. He lighted a stick of cigar and gave to me,
“guy do you know that i won the pool i played last week” he said to me as he purposely changed the topic he knew i came to discuss with him, while i looked at him with surprise,
“pool kwa? When did you play it?” i asked anxiously, “i played it on friday, but i forgot to tell you” he explained,
” i played 4,12,33, 44, but 44 isn’t in the result” he further explained,
“hmmm 3/4 is still okay nah, how many numbers came out as result?”
“just nine bro, and its full payment, but when i went to collect the one thousand naira i won this afternoon, the idiot agent couldn’t find my coupon number in his list, guy i dey vex” he said bitterly, while i consoled him,
“it will ‘be on claim’ nah, don’t worry they will still pay you” i said to him, while he shook his head, “i just need the money now” he angrily said…..

“abeg take it easy with lovelyn don’t descend your anger on her” i later pleaded while he smiled,
“don’t worry yourself, thats how we do our own romance, i will still f--k her tonight” he joked while i shruggled with resignation…..

And true to his word, i was unable to sleep that night, cos they made love all through the night like wild animals, while i blocked my ears and nose with my pillow, as i felt pity for Lovelyn cos she was nothing but a toy in Emeka’s hand, and so she moaned gently as Emeka banged hell out of her k---y….

To be continued…..
(pools betting is a legalized type of gambling, which involves betting your money on some numbers weekly…. And if the number is selected at the end of the week by number fixers you will get paid}

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