Friday evening Nicki surprised me with her visit. she wore a blue coloured mini-skirt, which showed off her lower assets that fateful evening, and I really couldn’t help but wonder what my neighbours said when they saw her……

As usual Emeka wasn’t around that evening, cos he travelled home for the weekend, while i stayed behind cos there really wasn’t any reason for me to travel home…..

“i came to check on you, cos i havn’t seen you in school since Tuesday, and you havn’t even bothered to call me on phone” she said with her usual tone as she sat on my bed and crossed her leg, while i stared at her fresh laps and swallowed hard…….

“why are you silent?” she asked me. I shook my head and said nothing, cos seriously the events of last few days had really gotten on my nerves, moreover i equally got the highest shock of my life when i got a text message from beauty on wednesday morning, ‘that i should try and do my assignments which will be submitted on thursday on my own’,
” i’m tired of helping an ungrateful boy” she had concluded, which really pained and kept me away from school, cos i wasn’t prepared or even had the materials for the assignments, while Emeka on his own part wasn’t useful, cos he hardly ever does any assignment……

“this isn’t you, something is clearly eating you up” i heard Nicki say as she held my face with her palms, while i pushed it away,
“i’m so sorry for everything that happened between us on Tuesday, i shouldn’t have spoken to you in that manner” she apologised, while i looked away,
“hope you ate this afternoon?” she asked me. I shook my head and sighed, but instead of leaving, she entered the kitchen and managed to prepare a pot of “joll-of rice”, with the little ingredients we had, which really surprised me, cos i thought she would have walked away with the way i behaved towards her…….

“no matter what you may think about me, i really do like you, even though i do not know the reason. Yea i know i have lots of male friends, but that does not change my feelings towards you” she seriously said to me after our night meal that fateful friday, while all i saw was care, love and affection in her eyes, but then i knew not whether it was real, or whether it was the sweet rice she cooked that clouded my vision and sense of reasoning…….

“i know Beauty dosen’t like me and that is the reason i gave you the condition to end things with her, but if it will make you happy to still be friends with her, i no longer have any problem with it” she added and looked away with a sad face, but then i knew not what pushed me, and i found myself holding her as we kissed passionately, “oh frank” she moaned as she wrapped herself on me, and before we knew what was happening, i was already inside her as i knacked away furiously,

“I really do not know why, but she kinda had control over my emotions that moment”…..

“pretty pretty boy, faster, faster, mumy beckons” she sang with her usual seductive funny accent, as i knacked her….

And she really was so sweet as she gave me her body that lovely evening…..

To be continued…..

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