Episode 46

Nicki and i really had a wonderful weekend, even though we almost fought on sunday afternoon, when i complained on the number of phone calls especially from guys she do recieve,
“what’s your problem nah, they are my friends just like your Beauty girl” she had replied when i tried to complain, which really annoyed me,
“so we are now challenging each other abi?” i asked, while she sighed,
“i don’t have time to argue with you mtcheeeeew” was the last comment she made, which really increased my anger, and i landed a dirty slap on her face. She stared at me for a while before slapping back, which really caught me unawares and all i did was just to stare at her with a dirty smile on my face…….

However she later apologised to me when i had calmed down, but then the deed had already been done, which i knew i could never forget…..

“please don’t ever hit me again, i don’t like it” she equally said to me, when we lay beside each other, as we gasped for breath after a hot session of love-making, that same sunday evening around 11pm, and i said nothing to her, even though i also regretted hitting her, but then girls can be annoying sometimes………

4am monday morning, she woke me up with tears in her eyes and when my eyes cleared {from sleep} i saw rashes all over her body, which really scared me, i immediately felt her body temperature and my heart jumped, cos her skin was so d--n hot…….

“please take me to my hostel” she held my hand strongly and pleaded, while i stared at her with confusion,
“baby it’s still 4am, lets wait a little please” i begged, but she shook her head desperately,
“i can’t wait oo” she cried, but then there really was nothing i could do by that time of the day, so i just covered her body with a wrapper, and carried her on my laps, while she cried and shook on my shoulder……

“are you sure we shouldn’t go straight to a hospital instead of your hostel?” i asked her, around 5:45am when i finally managed to stop a bike, because the rashes on her skin had already doubled in size due to the delay..,…..

“no lets get to my hostel first” she insisted and i had no choice, than to take her to her hostel that early monday morning, where Anita and Mary{her roomates} were already waiting for us, cos i earlier called them on phone with Nicki’s handset before i stopped a bikeman that morning…..

My heart pounded furiously when we finally rested Nicki on her bed, and i tried to explain to her roomates how it all happened, but they hushed me, which really surprised me,
“you can go now, we will take care of her from here, and by tomorrow she will be in school hale and hearty” Anita said to me as she opened their room door, in order for me to leave them alone, while Mary nodded her head in approval…..

Seriously i have never been so shocked or even seen them look that serious before, and so i obeyed them and left quietly even though i had lots of questions in my mind, cos they behaved as if they were hiding something from me, and knowing the way girls do behave, i knew i may never get answers to my questions……….


hope you guys are not thinking what i thought that fateful day??…..

To be continued…
Our crime story comes up next in vforum….

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