Episode 47

I really was unable to relax or concentrate in school that monday, and when i later tried to call Nicki on phone, it rang twice before her phone was switched off, which really increased my suspense as i equally regretted why i didn’t collect one of her roomates phone number……..

I didn’t see her in school on tuesday, neither did i see her on wednesday, which really got me more agitated. I equally searched for her roomates in school but saw none of them, which then made me decide visiting them on thursday……

5am thursday morning, i had a stomach upset, which got me to the toilet, where i spent minutes, vomitting as i equally discharged watery waste from my anus…….

Moments later my body temperature increased and grew very hot, as if i was suffering from acute malaria, which really got me scared, while my mouth began to taste very bitter…..

“guy whats wrong with you?” Emeka later asked with concern, when he saw me shaking on my bed,
“guy i think i have malaria” i explained,
“i thought you have malaria drugs in your travelling bag, what are you waiting for, drink them nah?” he advised, while i shook on my bed and said nothing. He looked at me for a while, went to where i kept my travelling bag, opened it and brought out my malaria drugs which he gave to me with a glass of water, and i drank quietly…..

However by Saturday, my fever got worst and i had no choice than to travel home, where my mum took me to a private hospital. A test was immediately carried out and the result said i had typhoid fever, which really calmed my faintly beating heart, cos i feared the worst that moment……

They gave us drugs which really was much in number as they equally gave us a costly bill, which private hospitals are known for, and i took the drugs at home for a week, but the fever only got worst, and my mum had no choice but to take me to a native doctor, where our family friends advised her to take me, cos i looked like death that week i took the typhoid drugs……

“hehehehehe your enemies want to take away your son, but i’m equal to the task”, Ijeokwu a reputable native doctor who cures sick people in my village, told my mum, while she shook her head and clapped her hands the way village women do, {when they discover something terrible}….

He collected five thousand naira from my mother, before giving her a white substance which looked like powder, and two bottles of liquid medicine which i knew not what he mixed in them…..

Surprisinly two days later, i was hale and hearty again, even though i looked very thin, and on wednesday i was strong enough to go back to school, cos my unexpected sickness had caused me two weeks lectures or even tests….

“my son please be careful, you know we have enemies everywhere” my mum advised me when i was set to go, while i nodded and smiled to myself, cos i alone knew the source of my sudden illness which drained my mother’s resources and cost me my health, and i had no doubt it originated from Nicki…..

“Hmmmm, thank God it is finally over” i heaved a sigh of relief when i entered a bus, bound for owerri that wednesday afternoon, but then one thing i knew for sure, was that i have to avoid Nicki if i love my life……..

To be continued…..

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