Episode 48

“hey dear are you in school?” i asked Nicki, when i dialed her phone number and it went through on friday morning, two days after my return from home……

“hey baby longest time, i’m in my hostel, i will not be attending lectures today, you can come over” she replied,
“alright i’m on my way” i said to her…….

10am friday morning i was in her room where she hugged me happily,
“i really missed you, what happened, your number hasn’t been going through since sunday?” she asked, while i looked at her happily, cos i really was very anxious to know the state of her health. However She really looked very healthy and sharp that friday morning, even though she appeared to have lost some weight…….

“i travelled home since saturday and just returned on wednesday, but i guess you equally have lots of stories to tell, cos i’m very anxious to know what really happened to you that monday morning we were together” i said to her while she looked away and said nothing,
“are you not going to tell me?” i asked her after few minutes of silence, while she breathed deeply,
“there is nothing to gist, please lets just forget about it,” she held my hand and said quietly, while i stared at her silently……

Her roomates were not around that friday morning, which really was what i needed, but then i also was clueless on what next to ask her, since she wasn’t forthcoming with any answers…..

“why are you finding it so difficult to share what happened with me?” i asked again, which really changed her facial expression, but still she said nothing but only muttered,
“i don’t like to remember that event, please stop” she managed to say after a brief silence…….

“i’m going since you have nothing to tell me, after all the stress and emotional trauma you put me through since the last time we were together” i said bittery as i got up, while she held my hand strongly,
“please i’m so sorry don’t go yet” she pleaded with pain which clearly showed in her eyes, and i looked away….

“i think it’s better we become casual friends, cos i can’t involve myself in what i don’t know” i finally said to her, while tears formed in her eyes when she heard my last comment……

“why are you talking like this? Hope you know that you are wounding my pride with your comments” she asked quietly, but then my mind was already made up, while i equally was very annoyed cos she refused to share her story with me, which really was a big slap on my face…..

“take care friend” i coldy said as i snatched my hand from her grasp, and without another word left her room silently and headed back to mine……

She called me on phone through out that day, but i simply ignored her phone calls, even though it equally broke my heart, cos no matter everything that happened she really was a nice girl with good assets…. But then there really was nothing i could do, cos i knew not what she was hiding from me and my life is very valuable and important to me……

And that was how my affair with Nicki officially ended….

To be continued…….

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