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The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 49


Episode 49

I spent the following day which was saturday alone in my room, and for the first time in many weeks i tried to read my books. However after few hours of trying, i gave up in despair and lay on my bed unhappily, cos i was unable to understand what i read. I really do not know the reason, but since my secondary school it has always been like that, i guess i wasn’t destined to be an intelligent student……

Sunday afternoon around 2:30pm, Emeka appeared with two young girls, who were either seventeen or in their early eighteen years.
The girls were really very attractive and fresh looking, even though their bosoms and curves weren’t yet big or matured enough,
“hey girls meet my roomate,
frank meet my Angels, Nessa and Lucy” he introduced me to them, while they greeted me……

“Guy play your card well, and try your luck with Nessa” he later whispered to me, while i smiled and eyed my new prey…….

About an hour later, we heard someone knock on our door, which i went to answer, but immediately i opened the door, i came face to face with a group of orji boys who were six in number, and i knew they came not for peace, cos their eyes were burning furiously while some of them held bottles on their hands. I swallowed hard and faced them, as i tried to pick out a familiar or friendly face among them, but i couldn’t cos the group that came knocking on our door that afternoon, weren’t the ones who ran the area, or the ones who were friendly with us…..

“We came to take our sisters home?” the guy who knocked on our door calmly said to me, while i looked him over as i weighed my chances,
“there are no girls here” i calmly replied and tried to close the door, but my behaviour increased their anger, and the first guy kicked me on the stomach and pushed me back with all his strength which sent me to the ground, while the rest entered our room and made for Emeka, who immediately saw what was about to happen and jumped out from the window……

“you are very lucky we didn’t come for you” one of them said to me as they dragged the struggling girls away, while i made “the sign of cross”, cos truthfully i was yet to recover all my strength that particular period, which i lost when i was down with an infection i knew not its name weeks/days earlier……

Later in the evening, our land lady invited us to her sitting room, where she told us that we should start looking for another accomodation against the following year,
“you guys have caused alot of problem here, no one is happy with your behaviour, even the neighbours are all complaining, so once this present rent expires, peacefully pack your things and leave” she said to us and we didn’t even plead nor argue with her, cos none of us even planned to live in her house or even that area, the following year which was 2007…….

“guy you have heard her, so lets make good use of the remaining time we have left and knack as many orji girls as possible” Emeka said to me with a smile when we together in our room later that sunday night, and so we started the following day which was monday with our round two…….

However i equally knew that our examination was slowly drawing near, and even though i supported Emeka in all his deeds, i equally planned my own way without his knowledge, cos i knew i needed to do every thing in my power in order to pass……

And So wednesday morning, i saw myself waiting patiently for Beauty, cos i knew i very much needed her help……

But will she forgive and help me??……

To be continued….

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14 thoughts on “The diary series *frank’s life on campus* Episode 49

  • Petokey

    She wil i can promise u that.

  • Lammyjoe

    Dis emeks elf no sabi anything except woman….you guyz no dey tired?

  • Blachberrydude

    she will forgive u

  • Ephramed

    U no go read ur book for once,excess of anything dey bad u non no.even honey dey make person dey vomit.

  • Fidel

    Cos she luv u she ll 4give u , but am sure no s-x stil stand.

  • tutusaint

    u are taking her luv for granted oooo

  • Stroud

    Hmm….hw many orji girls did frank succeeded in knacking??? Waiting anxiously! Anyway….. Im sure u passed d xam cuz u stil got beauty 2 help u out.

  • Faymouz

    Nice 1 bro.its d right time 2 go back 2 beauty..

  • sophy1

    dis Frank of a guy, try n change 4 once..

  • Damex333

    Beauty na dumping ground? Y she go accept u back?, she no go gree, even if she wan gree, i will convince ha.

  • Ijebaby

    Awww, see humility
    She might forgive and help but I can’t say about taking you back.
    Something makes me think you ended sleeping with Beauty. Lets see sha

  • SailorXY

    them for stab stab ur nyash

  • tochi

    ghen ghen

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