Episode 50

Beauty entered our lecture hall at exactly 8:30am that wednesday morning, and quietly settled down. I breathed heavily, as i waited few minutes before going to sit by her side……

“hey beauty how far” i greeted, while she gave me a searching look, before smiling,
“i’m fine good morning” she replied, and brought out a note book from her hand bag…

“i came because there is something important i wish to discuss with you” i said to her,
“please i came to school for lectures, can we discuss your problem later?” she replied and asked me, while i shruggled in resignation,
“no problem” i calmly replied……

Our lectures went very fast that wednesday, even though all the lecturers that taught us that particular day kept staring at me, while i listened to them with a beating heart, cos my greatest fear was for them not to ask me any question, which really would have been disastrous, moreover i knew they were all surprised to see me at the “front seat” that day, cos they all knew i wasn’t a “front row member”

finally by 12noon, our lectures for that wednesday ended and i sat beside beauty in our lecture hall which was almost empty, cos most students hurridly left after the last lecture, as if something was pursuing them…….

“please i know i have offended and betrayed your trust, and i know there is nothing i can say that will change what i did but please,….” i tried to beg, but she smiled and placed her two fingers on my lips, which made me to stop my speech,
“don’t worry it’s all in the past and i have long forgiven you, i know most guys your age do behave like that” she said, which made breathe deeply, while my eyes shone hopefully,

“but i’m sorry i can’t date you anymore, you are still a boy and still have a lot to learn, so i think it’s better we remain as friends, moreover i have already moved on with a nice guy, who God rewarded me with after all i sacrificed for you, and there is nothing you will say now that can change my decision” she quietly explained to me, while i stared at her with shock and disbelief, cos even though she had threatened to end our relationship in the past, her expression has never been so serious like this particular moment, and i gazed at her in silence while my strength left me.

Her phone immediately rang, which she picked with a smile
“hey baby i’m coming right now” she said to the caller and stood up after ending the phone call,
“he is waiting for me outside, do take care, till tomorrow” she said to me with a wink, and hurridly walked away while i gasped for breathe, cos her action was really unbelieveable…….

I managed to pick up myself, and hurridly left our lecture hall in order to see who her new prince charming really was. I came out in time to see her hug a guy, and when i looked well at him, jealousy immediately overcame me, while my pride shattered, cos the d--n boy was so good looking, young, and a law student which his well ironed white shirt, black trouser and law crest revealed……

He then led her to a new black coloured honda car, opened the passenger’s door for her, entered the driver’s side and sped away…….

Aaannnnnddddd I felt like killing myself…….

To be continued…

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