Episode 51

I needed nobody to tell me, ‘Beauty has finally left me for good’, and i lost control of myself as i watched them drive away, “choi a girl i was yet to knack, had i known, i would have forced myself on her when i had the chance” i reasoned……..

I quietly walked into the ‘school kegite shrine area’ later that afternoon where some members and students were already seated with palmwine on their tables. I paid for a bottle, which i quietly drank while other kegite members slowly trooped in and soon the place was filled up with kegites and the kegite song and dance immediately started, while i just sat and stared at them as i sorrowfully drank my palmwine…….

I finally returned to my room around 3pm that afternoon, totally drunk and tired, and i immediately lay on my bed and slept off, “who knows what Beauty and that boy is doing now” i reasoned before sleep finally carried away my thoughts……

I woke up around 6pm feeling so h---y with an aroused joystick, which made me remember that it has been long i last had s-x,
“guy where you dey?” i asked Emeka when i called him on phone minutes later,
“i dey town oo but i go soon start returning” he answered. I waited for him till 7pm but he didn’t return, and without second thoughts i entered our bathroom took a shower, dressed up and headed to ‘Azù Nepa'{a love peddlers area} where one sharp looking sexy girl took me to her room and i knacked her with all i got……

She really was a very sweet beautiful girl with nice as.s, and i knew not whether she just started ‘love peddling’ newly or whether she really was’nt into it full time, cos her k---y wasn’t really loose as i expected and she even moaned and dug her fingers on my body, as i took a jolly ride round her k---y, which really tasted so different that i even paid for two more rounds after the first round…….

And she kept on calling me, “daddy, sugar and baby” as i knacked her, which really delighted me, cos she was so different from other peddlers who only knew how to chew gum when being knacked……

She equally freed herself for me as i knacked her, which made me to freely grab, caress, and fondle her in a very romantic way, and her b-----s?
Oh they were simply one of the most beautiful and well shaped b-----s i have ever seen, with pointed n-----s which beautifully stood aroused as i knacked her…….

Finally after the great s-x i had with her, I had no choice than to collect her phone number, cos she surely deserved a second leg, which i planned to host in my room……

To be continued…….

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