Episode 52

Saturday morning{three days later} i travelled with Emeka to his family house in okigwe, where we planned to spend the weekend,
“guy we will travel home together this weekend, so prepare yourself and don’t come up with any excuse” he had said to me, when i returned from ‘azu nepa'{love peddlers area} on wednesday evening, while i smiled and said nothing……

Emeka’s father is a wealthy popular “old school” chief, who practised traditional medicine or “local botany”, and he really is so good in using roots, herbs and leaves to do whatever he wishes, that it made him quite popular in okigwe, and it equally was from him that Emeka learnt some of the tricks he used leaves to play in school…….
But then as we all know, {even though some of us do deny it}, the spirit of *womanizing* in most male folks is mostly inherited from our parents {especially fathers}, however i won’t speak for all guys cos other factors also influence *womanizing* as well…….

His father had three wives, which Emeka’s mum is the first, and he equally has twelve children from the three wives. And in order to avoid problems or to make them all comfortable, he built three seperate seven bedroom modern houses for his three wives, inside his vast compound and so each wife resides with her own children in her own house, just like the old Igbo pattern….. However the main house, a massive thirteen room {or more} bungalow, stood in the middle of the compound, with a big fire place or balcony where he entertained his visitors. He really believed strongly in our customs and traditions which i do respect him for, and my first evening in his compound was spent listening to his old civil war tales, and how he fought gallantly in the great onitsha battle, where Nigerian Army boats were sunk during the civil war……

Emeka wasn’t the eldest son, but it seemed like he was his old man’s favourite son and according to him, ‘he will try his best to retain his dad’s legacy’,
“so will you be a polygamist?” i had asked him when he said those words to me, but he only shruggled,
“time will tell” he had replied while i nodded, cos i really knew not how all our lives will end up……..

Lovelyn soon visited around 6pm and Emeka’s parents never did raise an eye brow, disturbed or even questioned her, and she equally behaved freely and even spent the night with us in Emeka’s room, without his mum getting annoyed,
“guy relax i have long settled lovelyn’s case with my parents” he had whispered to me, when i gave him a question look as we ate that saturday evening…….

And later in the night, he denied me sleep, as he banged his girlfriend roughly in his room, even though his siblings were in the next room, which i really was too stunned to believe, but then it’s nothing but the truth and the following morning i had no choice but to ask of his real age…….

Because sometimes a person’s appearance can be deceptive…..

To be continued……

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