Episode 53

“why do you want to know my age, do you think i’m your age mate, abeg oo you are just a small baby to me, just that there is no seniority in school?” he had replied my question, in his usual carefree manner, as we prepared for church service the following morning, which was sunday…… But then lovelyn’s presence in his family house made me realise the reason why she had always stood by his side, no matter what he did to her, cos it looked very much as if his family has accepted her as his future wife, coupled with the numerous abortions she had done for him……. Hmmm, but still yet i very much knew that they will later break up, even though he really do like her alot, and have never spoken bad about her to me…..,…

8am, Emeka, lovelyn and i, trekked to their church together, which wasn’t very far from his family house, and as we took a short narrow path, which lead directly to the church, we saw two pretty young girls equally heading towards the same church, but they were in front of us. The two girls were slender and a bit tall, but the one that caught my fancy had a bigger backside which shook as she walked…….

“o boy!” i whistled excitedly, while Emeka smiled,
“guy do you see what that girl is carrying on her backside” i asked him and he laughed out loud,
“guy forget her, she won’t agree, i have tried her before” he replied without thinking, while his girlfriend gave him an askance{angry} look,
“baby that was long before i met you nah” he said to her with a smile as he held her waist, which calmed her down and she smiled…….

“Guy i want to go and talk to her, hope you know what to do?” i asked Emeka who just shook his head for me,
“i pity you, anyway her name is kyla, i dey your back” he replied, while lovelyn smiled,
“don’t speak only to her, also include her friend in the discussion, success” she advised and winked, while i smiled and walked fast, leaving Emeka and his girl behind…….

“hey girls happy sunday, so you girls are from this village nawaoo” i greeted, as if i knew who they were, when i closed in on them, while they just stared at me before looking at each other with a smile,
“nawao are you girls not in imsu? At least i think i have seen you twice in medical college, or do you want to deny you are not in imsu?” i asked Kayla who just shook her head,
“i’m not an Imsu student, i think you are mistaking me for someone else” she replied, while i stared at both of them as i equally feigned to be surprised,
“is it true?” i asked her friend, who just smiled,
“i don’t think you are from this village, who are you?” kayla’s friend seriously asked me, while i looked back and pointed towards Emeka,
“i’m his school mate, and i just followed him home this weekend, but truthfully i thought you girls are in Imsu” i explained, while they looked back, saw Emeka, and looked at each other again……

“anyway i’m so honoured to talk with you two, and my sunday won’t be complete if i don’t worship God together with you girls” i added jokinly, while kayla kept a straight face and her friend laughed. We entered and sat in the church together while Emeka and his girl sat behind us, but as church service went on, all my thoughts were on Kayla, but the d--n girl just kept a straight face, while her friend smiled and even talked to me once in a while, which made me to realise that kayla won’t be that easy, and going after her type would need much time which i had not, and so i had no option than to move over my interest to her friend who easily gave me her phone number after church service, and her name is Anabel………

And as i saved her mobile number on my phone that fateful sunday, i licked my lips happily……

To be continued……

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