Episode 54

However i really did not see Anabel till months later, even though we spoke on phone almost everyday. Which really wasn’t because i didn’t want to see her, but it was due to the fact that Easter soon approached, after which the date of our pre-degree examination was fixed, and so there really wasn’t time for me to misbehave any longer, because of the serious problem at hand, which was for me to pass my pre-degree exam by any means possible, cos i knew i really had to do all it takes before being able to pass that exam, cos i wasn’t a serious student. Moreover i scored low in most of my tests, even though my assignments were good, because Beauty helped me with them before we separated, which was a saving grace and a little hope for me……

It was during this period that i met Micheal a 300level political science student who demanded fifteen thousand naira {#15,000} from me, in order to help write the exam on my behalf. And His offer really appeared good to me, cos honestly i knew i couldn’t be able to get the required cut off mark, if i should sit for the exam on my own, but then i equally knew it was a very risky thing to do, especially in a school like Imsu……

“guy i don’t buy the idea of somebody writing this exam for you, its too risky” Emeka had said to me, when i told him of my plans, but then life is all about risks and without taking risk, you can’t succeed in a country like ours, so his advice really didn’t touch me and i was so d--n determined to carry out with my plan, which made me to ‘book Micheal’ for the exam which was still about a month away…….

After ‘booking Micheal’, my problem then became where to raise his fee, which i divided for my three uncles, after lying that i needed money for my text books, and luckily for me, they sent it without confirming from my parents, which really might be because i hardly ask them for anything…….

So with fifteen thousand Naira in my bank account and my *exam mercenary* ready and on alert, i relaxed once more, while my nerves calmed down, cos the worst thing that could happen to any student, is to write an exam which he or she is not prepared for……..

Emeka on his own part cared less and continued with his usual life, without making any plans or preparing himself for the forthcoming examination, even though sometimes i do see him glance through his text book, which really do make me laugh, cos i knew he was just wasting his time, “how can he read and understand what i tried to read without success” i always reasoned then, cos i knew my brain wasn’t really blocked like his…….

To be continued….

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