Episode 55

finally one beautiful sunday afternoon and two weeks before my pre- degree examination, Anabel honoured my invitation and visited me. She really looked more attractive that sunday, than when i first saw her in their village,
“thanks for coming” i said happily as we hugged like old couples. I then took her to mr biggs fastfood, where i bought ice cream and food for her, and she really was so delighted, and happy…..

After spending about 45minutes in Mr Biggs, we finally left there and headed straight to my hostel{room}.. Anabel was around eighteen or ninteen years old that period, even though that same year was her first time in writing Jamb, but then she really looked more mature or older than her age, which really made guessing her real age quite difficult…..

We soon relaxed in my room and watched a local movie, but my mind really wasn’t even in the movie but on her, cos she really looked so fresh and edible that i had a hard time controlling{restraining} my joystick, which started to protest immediately i was alone with her, due to a long period of starvation i have subjected it to…..

She was wearing a native tailored gown that sunday, and it looked as if she visited me straight from church, and i equally knew with the little experience i had, that removing her gown would really be very stressful, which equally made me doubt whether i would be able to have s-x with her that sunday……

“Hmmm, if all girls should wear native gowns when visiting a guy, there will be problem oo” i said to myself, cos i knew having my way with her will only depend on her willingness and not by overwhelming her with romance, and caresses, cos she will definetly get herself before the gown is pulled off……

“hope you are enjoying the movie” i asked as i drew closer to her, while she smiled and looked at me,
“yea the movie is ok” she replied. I gently placed my hand on her shoulder, and neck region, which wasn’t covered and caressed it gently, but surprisinly she kept quiet, and so i intensified with my caresses, even though her thick native cloth was blocking the whole d--n *current*…….

“its okay” i soon heard her politely say to me as she took off my hands from her body, and when i tried to say something she hushed me, with her fingers on my lips,
“don’t say anything, before you annoy God further with your words, today is sunday and a holy day, you are supposed to keep it holy for him, moreover our body is the lord’s temple, and the best thing we could ever do for him and ourselves, is to keep his temple pure and unstained especially in a day like this” she preached with a smile, while my emotions immediately disappeared and my joystick returned to its original size, cos the food with me, wasn’t an edible food……..

For the moment….

To be continued…..

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