Episode 56

I really can’t describe how i felt when she said those words, except that i felt like a business man who made a very bad investment and so i was very bitter and angry, even though i didn’t show it, in order not to scare her away, since i still had the hope of seeing her again,
“had i known, i wouldn’t have wasted my money taking her to mr biggs when i could have bought only malt and biscuits for her” i reasoned……

I soon saw her off, forty five minutes later, to ‘Hadel junction’ where she took a bus heading to okigwe,
“do take care of yourself, i will soon visit you again” she happily said as she boarded the bus, while i forced a smile and waved…….

As i returned to my room that evening, i bit my lips angrily, while my joystick rose again on its own, as it once again protested on the long period of starvation which i had subjected it. Its protest really didn’t start that particular day, cos it had been protesting for about a week, especially early in the morning or whenever i come across a beautiful girl, but then i had failed to notice it, because i was very busy trying to sort out myself ahead of our pre- degree examination, but with the way it was disturbing that sunday, i knew i really had to find food for it, pretty quick, before it disgraces me……. But as i thought of a girl to invite and knack, i realised i had no available girlfriend, which really was due to my wild life and behaviour, and so i really had no choice than to call my ‘love peddler’ friend on phone, but still yet when she picked her phone and asked who was calling, i knew not how to describe myself, cos she only gave me her phone number without collecting mine. And I couldn’t tell her my name, or that i was the customer she gave her phone number, on a certain wednesday, cos i knew i wasn’t the only person she gave her phone number……

“will you be around this evening?” i finally asked her,
“hmmm, who you be?” she equally asked without replying my question,
“i’m your customer, you gave me your phone number nau” i explained, while she kept quiet for a while before replying,
“i dey ooo”………

7:50pm, i took a cab which stopped me along douglas road, and i trekked towards Azu nepa {love peddler’s area} happily and in silence. I decided to take a short route which will lead me directly to their quarters since i was alone, and in order to save time, but before i could even take the route, a bike blocked and stopped in front of me, while two guys jumped out of it, with ‘touch lights’ which they shone on my face, blinding my vision, and taking me unawares, while the third guy sat on the bike and kept on firing the bike-throttle……..

“where your money? Where your handset??” the two guys barked as they closed in on me……..

“choi ashewo don kill me today oo” i involuntarily exclaimed in Igbo language…….

And i knew not what touched me nor gave me the morale to turn back and flee, while they hotly pursued me…….

“Finally to visit a love peddler isn’t easy oo” i said to myself as i ran with a fast pounding heart, while they surprisinly closed in on me again…….

To be continued…….
Good morning friends, so sorry about yesterday, i was almost caught by Adaora, she has been with me since saturday evening,… Lol

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