Episode 57

luckily for me i saw an open shop with few people inside it, which i ran into immediately, while the two robbers stopped, turned back and climbed their bike, which took off immediately……

After they had gone, I really couldn’t summon enough courage to continue with my journey for s-x that night, so i headed back to my hostel{room} unhappily while i equally lamented on the money i wasted on transport, which would have been enough for my night meal…….

Finally around 8:45pm i returned safely, and as i entered inside the compound where i lived, Angela my neighbour’s daughter who was in SS3 that year greeted me,
“bros good evening” she greeted, while i replied her greeting, smiled and helped her to carry a heavy bucket of water which she just fetched, while she followed me happily….. Angela wasn’t really beautiful nor sexy that period, cos she still was a small girl who was yet to learn how to beautify herself, even though she was around seventeen to eighteen years old that period. she equally looked so natural, that i never did have feelings nor gave her any lustful look, cos she also took me like her senior brother and respected me quite alot, moreover she was equally our close neighbour, who lived with her parents in a flat opposite our room.

However with the way my hormones were raging that night, i was unable to reason properly and i allowed my d--k to think and speak for me, which really was bad, cos every guy is supposed to be a master of his joystick……

“nne when will you come and see me?” i asked her when we got to their door, while she shruggled,
“i don’t know oo, i’m always busy” she replied while i smiled evily,
“ok please can you spare just five minutes for me this night” i pleaded, while she hesitated before replying,
“i’m not promising anything, but i will try since it is just for five minutes” she replied, before entering their apartment, with the bucket of water……

9:30pm i heard a gentle knock which looked like a gentle tap on my door, i quietly opened it, and there stood Angela smiling shyly at me. I quietly paved way for her to enter inside my room, which she did and faced me with hands folded,
“what is it that can’t wait till tomorrow?” she asked, while i advanced towards her and held her waist, which made her to look at me with surprise,
“nne i can’t wait to tell you how much i love you any longer, i have been dying in silence all these while” i said to her with an innocent face while she breathed deeply,
“what of all those girls that always visit you?” she asked, while i held her face,
“they have all left me” i replied, but she just gave me a look, which told me that she didn’t believe me, but then a girl like Angela wasn’t really the type who could withstand my touch, and so without any other word, i drew her face closer and kissed her passionately, while my other hand caressed her neck, back and as.s simultaneously, and before she could push me away, my mouth was already on her bosoms, sucking and biting her n-----s, while she moaned gently,
“please leave me alone oo” she moaned, without shouting, which made me to smile cos i knew her mind was on it as well, which emboldened me, and i drew down the zip of her skirt, and pulled it off immediately……..

“ANGELA ANGELA aaaa, where are you” i soon heard her younger brother call out, as i made to pull off her pant, which made her to hold me,
“please stop Junior is calling me” she said to me, while i cursed her *amebo* younger brother in my mind. Seriously i knew not what is wrong with nowadays children, cos they are always fond of poking their nose, where they are not invited and always spoiling show for bros…….

“don’t worry next time” Was the words i soon heard from Angela’s lips, as she stood up to leave my room, which really surprised me,
“oh she even wants it like i do” i said to myself with a smile, while i cursed Junior again and again for spoiling my show……

To be continued…….

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